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Discussion in 'Alternative engine in bus' started by pkrboo, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. So i have made a start by ripping out the engine from the Forrester.


    Just a small amount of wiring, this is the whole loom from behind the dash and the engine bay
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    Good start dude! I found sorting the loom out was the most daunting bit, but actually its not too bad once you get your wiring head on... dont get carried away and cut off the diagnostic plugs, and then have to work out how to wire them back in again..:oops:
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    good luck with the build Matt, watching here with interest!
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  4. I think I will take it to nick tune and pay him to do the loom.
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  5. Might be easier but would have thought it right up your street!
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    Yep, that's a bit disappointing considering the trade & all that!
    What OG spares you got that will help us traditional boys keep the faith??:D:D
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  7. Good point, maybe i will have a look into it. I don't have any diagrams though .
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  8. Looking good..:hattip:
    Are you doing it all ..?
  9. doing it all? @art b ??

    I have made a start on the loom although i am slightly blind in not having any wiring diagrams. The minor amount of peer pressure put on by @theBusmonkey and @Dicky and professional pride got the better of me. hopefully i can save some money and i wont mess it up!!
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  10. And become our in house expert on the subject.....!
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  11. i'll do my best
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  12. Are you planning any work to the Subaru lump before fitting to the bay?
  13. timing belt, oil leak checks, possibly head gaskets but i think they are ok.
  14. Exciting stuff - would love to do a 2.5ltr swap and use the 5 speed subaru box in the conversion!
    Might be a job for the future!
    Keep us posted with all the pics
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  15. I brought a Haynes manual and googled the ECU code and obtained info on the wiring colour codings where and what they were connected to etc.
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  17. cant find a haynes for 1998 unfortunately
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  18. would love to but i dont think i will have everything sorted by then. might bring the gerbox to build though if i have those parts by then
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  19. Looking forward to reading your thread I wouldn't know where to start. So I really wish you the best. Plus would be interesting to see the savings you'll make as to taking it to a conversion specialist.

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