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  1. I know lol!!

    Easier to ask forgiveness than permission
  2. Just got asked why it smells of car stuff downstairs, had to own up...Went surprisingly well!!

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  3. Now the painful bit: RAD pack, throttle cable and alternator belt ordered from RJES. Subarugears kit has had deposit paid and its on its way.

    All this means that i should get on with the wiring loom. and figure out an engine mount and a gearbox mount and get a ty754 gearbox etc etc etc oh crud the list keeps growing.
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  4. I have a Fellows mount for a splitty going spare..... it could be modified if you wanted to do it on a budget. It's exactly the same as the bay one just needs cutting and approx another 3 inches welding in.....was going to stick it on eBay.
  5. can you send me a pic
  6. I'll take one tomorrow... it's on the garage floor in Kidderminster.
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  7. is it a splitty subaru engine mount?
  8. Side by side they are identical just a few inches narrower than the bay ones. They are made of box section steel so you could cut it sleeve it and weld it to length.
  9. is it the fellows one? pm with a price
  10. As Mrs pkrboo is at work and I'm off, i thought i had better catch up on the household chores and do some washing up

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    She's forgot her lunch, she'll be back in ten mins to collect it :D
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  12. Bit more grinding done and some plates made up to get welded on to cover the in needed holes. It's in for its second wash. Also used a new style of face mask today, snorkelling goggles!! Now just to take it to someone who can Ali weld. Rockwatt Eng in Scunthorpe are welding it up for me.

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  13. More shiney bits delivered today. RJES rad pack,acceptable and alt belt. Blooming heavy but solid as a rock. Will defo take a badgers head with the scoop!!!

  14. They are a beast of a bit of kit eh! Used a transmission jack to hold mine in place to get the thing bolted on.
  15. Interesting RJES Rad setup. Any more pictures? I can't find any pics on RJES site. (Of course, the site it growing mold.)
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    Im liking the rad pack, looks like its a well made bit of kit. :thumbsup:
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    Wot no flight case!?
    I been thinking about doing this but Todd's in the states and nothing is being shipped until July!
  18. No he doesn't use them anymore, they trashed in transit anyway as the stuff didn't fit properly lol. Nick tune has a 4.1:1 ratio in stock. Slightly slower off the line but cruising speed means 70mph would be about 2900rpm.

    I have a 4.44:1 which is better for starting off , mainly for when towing.

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    Fellows use the 3.9:1 apparently.
    Would that make it quicker off the line but higher reving?
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