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Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by pkrboo, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. 3.9 would make it slower of the line but lower rpm for cruising
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  2. Keep the pics coming - cant wait to have a chat about your progress this weekend over a steak and stilton sandwich!
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  4. so with a 4.44:1 ratio Diff 5th gear at 3000 rpm will be 69mph

    3.9:1 diff will be 78mph

    4.11:1 will be 75mph.

    if you want the middle ground go 4.11 if you want awesome acceleration like i need for towing then 4.44 if you want a lazy cruiser go for 3.9

    i put this into the gear ratio calculator using a 5 speed non turbo ratio gearset. an 26.7 inch tyres but not sure what they actually are.
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  5. Hi, did the Rad pack come with any hoses or pipe fittings ?
  6. No, no hoses or pipes, that's my next dilemma on what to do about pipes etc.
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    Have a look at think automotive
  8. Viper performance.
  9. Do RJES advise a secondary coolant pump over and above the engine driven one with their kit? I have one which I haven't fitted as it's seemed to only be to feed the heater matrix which had been higher than the engine on the splitty. However I spoke with chap the other day who was adamant it was needed regardless ?
  10. No not seen the secondary pump setup before.

    I think if you put a heater matrix under the front belly pan into the totem pole it will be ok

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  11. That's what I thought...... hopefully find out tomorrow ! :)
  12. What heater matrix do you have?

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  13. It was a unmarked black box..... so nothing I can advise you on sadly.
  14. Made a start on the gearbox tonight.


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  15. Any updates Matt?
  16. not yet, hoping to do another couple of hours on the gearbox tonight. will do some pics.
  17. PIE


    Mate what size is your engine?
  18. Subaru is 2.0 litre

    VW type 4 is 2.0 litre

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