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Discussion in 'Alternative engine in bus' started by pkrboo, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. Step 2
    Buy 4 tins of this
    Shove down the oil filler
    Or better still remove valve covers and smear liberally
    Rag it up the road for about 10 -15 miles that will get the oil nicely warm
    To do it's stuff
  2. If you get fed up spooning it out the tin
    Just go for the coarse end first :thumbsup:
  3. If you mixed the paste with paraffin or diesel
    It will be easier to get down the oil filler
    Glug glug glug :)
  4. what are you on?
  5. theBusmonkey

    theBusmonkey Sponsor

    You are potentially so dead!
    ..& take it easy as we're having a brandy-off in 3 weeks time:beer:
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  6. Oops are those guys after me? IMG_1875.JPG
    All I said was
    A Subaru engine was not what everybody preferred!:D
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  7. You may have done but not sure anyone actually got it!
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  8. yes but this is @pkrboo thread on converting his bus, surely the place for your comments is elsewhere?
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  9. dont worry i brought 3 bottles back with me this time!!
    Oh and i checked with Kerry and it's ok, i distracted her by knocking down our one remaining brick gatepost to allow more room for parking and that's annoyed her more!!
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  10. Bye bye Subaru


    Thatll keep the wife and neighbours happy. Can fit both cars on the drive again now.
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  11. Bye bye Volkswagen :(
  12. no im keeping the volkswagen
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  13. You still on your anti - Subaru crusade.
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  14. Now now Wilfred
    As you said this thread belongs to the op
    However if you want to start a new
    Thread about this
    I will be more than happy to contribute
    My five Peneth worth :)
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  15. I will see your 5p and raise you tuppence my good man.

    Now then.... lawn mower engines........
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  16. An item has arrived. Not very interesting but it should make things easier in my eyes, for the way i will be doing this conversion[​IMG]
  17. Razzyh

    Razzyh Supporter

    Engine or g/box mount is my guess
  18. Yep, subaru engine mount. if i had taken the one off the forester then i t wouldn't have had any steering or front wishbones and getting rid would have been harder. so for 30 quid off ebay it was easier to do. i really shoudl add up the cost of the conversion as i go. just hide it from the Mrs!!
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  19. NEVER add up the costs of working on a Bay! One day you will leave it lying around and the wrong person will read it.
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