Someone please explain to me why you would vote Tory.

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  1. Serious question.

    I'm a North London resident. I live in a high population density area with extreme poverty and wealth side by side. From where I stand, schools and medical services are stretched to breaking point, rents unaffordable and wages low for working people. Immigrant population is much higher than the rest of the country. At the same time the banks and businesses in the city are generating huge amounts of wealth for a select few, and property investors (often foreign) are making a fortune.

    In these circumstances I can't see any reason to vote Tory. Look at a map of London's election results and you'll see that I'm not alone.

    So all of you in the rest of the country, that's mostly coloured blue, what's the appeal? I mean, what's in it for you?
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  2. We didn't vote Tory!

    I have read our Dave, the legend that he is has announced planned cuts already :D (said with tongue in cheek)!
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  3. My wife voted Tory.
    I've now beaten her to within an inch of her life, with the help of a few stellas.
    She now realises her mistake and has sided with UKIP like me. Shame it's to late........for her.
  4. With a certain irony I find it amazing that a bunch of old Etonians can persuade working people that they are some how on their side. That makes them very clever I'm afraid and reinforces the fact we have a very uneducated electorate. God help us....
  5. Deent undur Stan a werd o dat m8!
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  6. The Tories simply scare people into thinking they'll be poorer under labour.
    Why people can't see that it's the opposite is remarkable.
    When I lived in Sheffield old penshioners in council flats were voting Tory because Thatcher was a "woman" even though she was systematically making them poorer and less well catered for, which they moaned about!
    There is no hope when the government we get is decided by floating voters who by their very nature show they have no clue about politics and how it really effects them.
  7. Something needs to be done........We Intend to start now so........ We have joined the Labour Party! The End!
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  8. Eggs is Eggs. Thirty years ago i'd have said that Labour would make a difference to a working persons life. Nowadays with all the homogenization that's taken place within politics, it really makes no odds who gets to form the government.
  9. I'm stocking up on ammo, tinned food and bottles of water.
  10. Problem is - only 2/3 of voters actually turned out - the missing 1/3 are thought to be mainly young who probably would not have voted Tory
  11. Ed Milliband is a good enough reason to vote tory. By the way, Tony Blair went to Fettes, Scotland's equivalent to Eton. So much for new labour. Half the labour cabinet are millionaires anyway. What do they know (or care) about the poor. They are all freeloading, lying bastards, the whole damned lot of them.
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  13. Why we didn't all vote for labour is beyond me, remember what a fantastic job they did last time under that fantastic trustworthy leader Tony (honest) Blair and how they left the country in a fantastic state I can't believe they didn't get all 650 MPs elected
  14. Yep, agreed. :thumbsup:
  15. In recent weeks I've witnessed the NHS on its knees, but with some amazingly upbeat people working in it, but that will not last under this government. A referendum will take us out of Europe, largely voted for by a bunch of chavs who blame their Polish neighbours for their problems.

    In hope I believe that we will see a new Middle left attract votes after further austerity , but to be fair Labour had a Marmitee economic reputation and chose the wrong Milliband and the sooner they let someone else, rather than the unions choose a new leader the better.
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  16. Labour? great job last time, led by a lying grinning idiot
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  17. I sense a hint of sarcasm!? We must remember it differently because this country has only been in austerity since the tories have been in power. Bankers caused the crash - tories lied as usual & blamed Labour - typical school yard tory tactics - Tories began thier cuts today starting with disabled work access scheme - good on them! Up next YOUR nhs!
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  18. Still yet to have seen a good reason FOR the Tory party as opposed to reasons against Labour.

    Let me ask the question a different way. What's different about London? We've been considering leaving, city life seems to be getting tougher all the time. Since seeing the election results our opinion is clouded.

    Will we be lefty fishes out of water?

    Or is life outside of the capital so wonderful that another 5 years of austerity seems manageable?

    What are the Tories offering the rest of England that's not apparent to Londoners (or the Scottish for that matter)?
  19. Bring back Blair good honest leader
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