Someone please explain to me why you would vote Tory.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tommygoldy, May 8, 2015.

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    Just watching a program where they are saying some MP's are now in a state of shock as they were not elected, some in a state of profound mourning.

    Poor loves.

    I feel for them....I mean, what would a couple of homes bought by expenses on top a whole load of connections and lobbying opportunities and the money that brings must leave them in despair.

    Wonder if they ever pondered this when one swipe of their pen left people genuinely adrift and helpless.
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  2. I got as far as page 4 of this thread and now I'm giving up. Life is too short for politics!
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  4. From FB, the answer why people voted Tory.
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  5. Quality ....i'd forgotten about that:D
  6. I hadn't seen that. Absolutely fantastic!
  7. that's you flagged up on the Communications Data algorithm....close your curtains from now on;)
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    Oops, thank Allah that I hadn't written ISIS or Jihad.
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  9. Hers a dead cert:
    Semtex fertiliser jihadi bomb attack

    Hello GCHQ! How are your pensions coming on.
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  10. damn forgot to say Isis
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  11. I'd duck if I was you. I think I've just seen a Predator flying your way from Waddington.
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  12. I've got me ack ack good to go!
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    They know who the real agitators are so I reckon even the spooks would know that Bobs only joking :thumbsup: It's you I'm worried about :eek: From reading your posts leading up to and since the general election are you ok or is something seriously wrong. When I met you we had a good night and you really did seem like a normal well balanced bloke to me ;)
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  14. Was alcohol involved In coming to that conclusion.
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  15. I understand the profit motive...I don't take issue with anyone wishing to establish a privately owned concern and make a profit from their endeavours..nor shareholders wishing to invest in talent to see a return on their investment... I just believe, albeit from an overly simplified idealogical view, that certain services should not be subject to the vagaries of speculators and market forces...sooner or later, the competition is reduced to one major player...the current demise of Whistl springs to that old chestnut about competition being beneficial for the consumer falls on it's arse, more often than not. It's certainly benficial for those investors savvy enough to buy and sell shares at the right time...they really don't give a flying feck about the product or service they're investing in, provided they can make money from it...and this is the rub....for certain services it's all about quality and level of provision...not whether it's a good investment or not.... a monopoly owns its market, so it can set its own prices. Since it has no competition, it provides goods and services at the quantity and price that maximizes profits...access to health care is effectively a captive provision is not a product, nor should the inherent administrative and structural support services be tendered out to those with a view to pick and choose which aspects of illness can turn a profit....
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  16. I'm perfectly well Thanks Woody...just a sad Liberal with Green tendencies and leanings towards the left....does that make me imbalanced?:D
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  17. You don't balance very well whilst inebriated and have a tendency to talk carp whilst in such a state. Unlike my good self!
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  18. It's interesting this private v public debate. It's not about insourcing or outsourcing it's about right sourcing and as we're talking about government money then clearly that's our money going into our services. Quite often procurement of services is badly managed to the extent that the requirements aren't properly specified as to be honest it's usually the people providing the services in house that actually know the requirements and they aren't a part of the outsourcing process as they are often tendering themselves. Contractors come in cheaper and then the employer suddenly finds the services aren't what they expected and costs are inflated by "extras". Quite often the contractor doesn't have a long term stake in what he does and doesn't take proper ownership ie in it for the short term. Anyway I know this isn't quite what's being discussed but it's not dissimilar.

    I provide an in house service and compete against contractors. I'm cheaper and if there's an issue with the work that's done I'm accountable, not jut tomorrow but next week, next year etc. because I provide the service in house the money stays in house, it just moves around but what does go out is wages., a lump of which goes back to the centre in the form of tax and national insurance. Most of the staff are local and therefore most money is spent in the community, I could go on but it's inevitable there is some wastage. I've cut this down significantly in the last 5 years. With an external provider the money goes outside, there's no control over it and it is inevitably about providing for shareholders who could be anywhere or indeed could be the pension funds of the workers that just had their jobs contracted out.

    I'm disappearing up my own wotsit here but the buffer against outsourcing has always been VAT. The government are looking at removing VAT on those services. Level playing field eh. Well no, as I've pointed out the main contract is a loss leader and you get screwed. I'm currently expanding my services and taking work away from contractors. It won't be an easy ride for ever as there are senior people within the organisation who, for whatever reason would prefer outsourced services. It goes them more opportunities for personal gain I guess.
  19. never a truer word spoken....
    the deal breaker for me is whether the electorate has any influence on how private service providers are held to book if they fail..(health care trusts etc.)....with a state owned monopoly, poor performance can be punished by the ballot to a certain degree...

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