Patina Loco - lowlight facelift a'go go :)

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Luis Navarro, Jun 10, 2015.


which window for the win?

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  1. Glass panel all the way....Jalousie's are for pansies!

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  2. Westie obviously!....scene tax adds horsepower and sex appeal!

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  1. lol[​IMG]
    started blending the repairs yesterday to get a sense of how its gonna work out.....bit of work needed but gonna look fine I think :)
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  2. well my weather luck finally ran out today....hammering down here, but since my filler, repair panels, sheet steel and most importantly cash has also run out I'm twiddling my thumbs and scratching around for stuff to do lol got maybe enough sheet left to fab a B pillar and do a couple of floor patches and then I'm officially benched til I can raise some cash to crack on again.
    So for a change of pace, I'm over at my new mates joinery workshop building his spray booth instead. Not big enough to do a bus in, but panels etc would be doable lol he's sorting me out some cash for my time which will hopefully fund some materials once I've chipped away at my overdraft some :)
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  3. Where did you get the paper to go with that sanding block? Good work, by the way. You're really cracking on. :)
  4. ebay is your friend.....i buy them in packs of ten....just search for 700x40 sanding sheets :)
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  5. Working outdoors and being short of cash is a pain in the ass and very frustrating
    Your moving the bus along well though dude so keep the faith and all will come good
    Having a joiner mate is going to pay dividends when it comes to building your interior:thumbsup:

    Im going to have to build somthing myself and im embarresed to say even though my late dad was a carpenter im hopeless with wood work
    My interior will probably look like somthing from a shanty town:lol:

    Ive enjoyed following your thread along so far and will look forward to future updates:)
  6. Bump. :D
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  7. come on Luis is it finished yet?
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  8. He can't reply - He's homeless ;)
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  9. I hope everything is ok with him
  10. Don't worry, I'm still alive but had some personal issues of mrs decided to call time on our relationship completely out of the blue and things have been a bit up in the air to say the least. I've been trying to get copasetic with my new situation, hence the absence. Still have the bay, but I now have to move it again as her nan wants her drive back obviously lol I'm on the scrounge for info as usual...this time on rear light wiring. I need to confer the late loom to the two pin single light early clusters. Any info greatly appreciated as always:)
  11. Crap sorry to hear that dude
  12. Wish I could help. There must be someone in Devizes who can offer a safe haven for the bus..?
  13. Sorry to hear that mate. :(
  14. Sorry about your situation buddy but If you need to mothball the bay for a bit there is storage place recommended by one of the guys on here couple miles from Devizes a tenner a week. Thinking of sticking my bus in there for the winter.
  15. Is leazefarmstorage recommended by fil6
  16. I've got somewhere lined up so that's all good. Thing is, I now have to get it driveable so I can run it over to where its got to go, and part of that is getting the lights etc up and running. Someone had helpfully not bothered to mask up the loom when they resprayed the rear end so all the wiring is blue lol apart from that its also brittle as hell and a mass of scotchlocks etc. So it needs hacking out and redoing to early spec.
  17. Early/late - functionally the same lights, same wiring. US is different.
  18. If you can't see the colours you'll have to switch stuff on and measure volts. I'd start with side lights, then indicators and the one left over will be brakes (saves pressing the pedal). ;)
  19. Try wiping with paint thinners?
  20. Yeah I tried metering the wires and I thought I'd identified the main light wiring, but connected it up and nada! The lights only have one twin filament bulb and two pins on the back, so is it reasonable to assume one pin is for light, the other for brake light and the light unit contacting the body through the mounting screws provides an earth point? The insulation is so cracked and brittle I'm worried that thinners might trash it altogether, but there are two pairs of wires that connect to a single spade termination, and I'm pretty sure these are earths, and then there are three single wires, one of which carries 6 volts when the lights are on. That's as far as I got on Sunday before I had to pack up and go and pick up my son for the night

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