Patina Loco - lowlight facelift a'go go :)

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which window for the win?

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  1. Glass panel all the way....Jalousie's are for pansies!

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  2. Westie obviously!....scene tax adds horsepower and sex appeal!

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  1. Early units need an earth tag and should have one. The seals insulate them from the body.
  2. Makes sense :) they're original units so I'll have to check....probably awol but I can always cobble something together. I have my baby son living with me at the moment so it has seriously diminished my free time but I'll have another crack at it at the weekend :) thanks as always for the advice
  3. :cool: Good man. :thumbsup:
  4. Its only temporary unfortunately, I don't have the deep pockets required to try and make it permanent as much as I'd like to....going legal costs a small fortune since the scrapping of legal aid :(
  5. Obviously best to avoid legal. I hope your ex plays ball.
  6. Flakey

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    The wires must come out of a loom at some point that you can strip back the outer insulation to identify the colours ?
  7. We're on speaking terms and things are reasonably civil, but the problem with people with a bi-polar disorder is that they do crazy shizz lol so who knows how long it'll last! Probably until she gets settled into her new house and wants my son living with her again, at which point all hell is gonna break loose because he's a daddy's boy and with me is the best place for him
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  8. Best of luck with it all. And do your best to keep things civil for the sake of the kids. In my experience all the best dads have vw buses so he's already a very lucky boy.
  9. Just catching up with things as other things in the world suddenly struck, just wanted to say, been chatting and following your thread for a while, so I hope you get back on your feet soon as does your bus gets back on track as well...

    Positive thoughts fella...
  10. Well I've finally invested in a proper weatherproof cover for the bus to replace the crappy old tarpaulin its been wearing up to now. Its a maypole 4 ply breathable one. Not sure how good they are but it was cheaper than most and its gotta be better than a leaky old tarpaulin I figure lol
  11. Heard good things about those.
  12. They rarely do, in my experience.
  13. well lets hope so....the whole bus has a sheen of surface rust on it where I've let the new stuff in and I've still got to get busy with the skimming so hopefully it'll stop it really taking hold and causing problems later
  14. been fairly reasonable so far....she doesn't really have any reason not to be, as I didn't cause the breakup through anything I'd done....she just woke up one day and decided 'we' needed to become 'me' for her own, slightly mental reasons. Think carefully before getting romantically involved with someone with a mental illness is the lesson I'm taking away from this lol at least I kept my house though...... :)
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  15. I suffer from mental illness and at times have been a total nightmare without realising it

    Sometimes our reasons are just unidentifiable by others and often by ourselves

    You seem to be taking it well and I hope your transition into your new life stays smooth

    Lots of hugs dude and I'm only a pm away if you want a natter
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  16. Well the maypole cover fitted ok :) have to say, for sixty quid its flippin fantastic! Fits a treat, well made,heavyweight, cab door zippers, good quality securing straps.....not too shabby! Managed to get the old girl started too.....took some doing coz it would crank but not fire. First worked out the fuel filter was clogged so sorted that, then still wouldn't fire so I worked out the points gap had closed so I reset that, then STILL wouldn't spark so out came the plugs which were black and wet from all the cranking so cleaned them up and regapped them and finally it started first crank :D
    I had another go at the rear lights but despite identifying the power wires and finding the earth tag on the light unit I still have no light lol I stripped back some of the loom and took some pics of the wiring I've got. I'll upload them shortly and if anyone has an idea of the colour coding for what goes where it would really help me out:)
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  17. There's also a couple of random single brown wires poking out from further up the loom
  18. Can't see your pics, but if you connected the brown earth wire that's with the other light wires from the loom to the unit earth tab , the other end of it is likely the odd brown ones that need earthing onto the body, there are (should be) earth tabs for this inside the hatch lower right and upper left.
    If you connected your light unit earth tabs directly to earth, ignore the above.

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