Patina Loco - lowlight facelift a'go go :)

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which window for the win?

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  1. Glass panel all the way....Jalousie's are for pansies!

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  2. Westie obviously!....scene tax adds horsepower and sex appeal!

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  1. Lithium helps hahaha!
  2. I'm guessing you don't mean the Nirvana single :-D
  3. This is possibly the coolest mod I've seen to these electric kids cars...nice work
  4. Again...nice work mate, did you manage to develop the custom shop you used to mention,I ask as you knock out great work
  5. Unfortunately not....wasn't in a position to self finance the start up, and couldn't get financial backing from anywhere else...thems the breaks.
    I enjoy creating something a little different son's rod was really fun to do, and it does look pretty cool...does about ten mph hahaha
  6. It'll keep up with the bay then! :p
  7. Cheaper to run too hahaha probably got a better range too if you factor in breakdowns
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  8. Decided I wasn't a fan of the little Indian tank stickers....they look a bit lost on the tank, so I've found a really talented graphic artist to hand paint a full side if tank version of it instead....shipping it off to her at the beginning of march for its rework. Got the bugger running a couple days ago too....bought it as an unknown quantity as it had no electrics due to a p.o. miswire and loom meltdown, so I ripped out the mangled loom and made one from scratch :) sounds a lot bigger than it is thanks to the straight thru pipe hahaha. Just got the lighting and flasher circuits to make up, a few finishing details and it's more or less ready to cruise
  9. Wheel studs....specifically front ones...specifically longer front ones....what’s the longest length available? I have wide five adaptors and I need to fit spacers as well and the stock length are about 30mm short lol! Any suggestions welcomed
  10. The ones in mine look to be splined where they come through the hub, then have a small shoulder before the actual thread? I assume they press fit from behind...

    edit: exactly like the one in that link thanks for that
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  11. Oh, I got this done after a couple of revisions....I ended up doing an engine swap for a Yamaha 250 Vee Twin motor I picked up for £40 hahaha
    Meant having to hand make mounts, exhausts and a whole bunch of other bits...including the rear pillion and sissy bar so my baby boy can cruise with his old man

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