Patina Loco - lowlight facelift a'go go :)

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which window for the win?

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  1. Glass panel all the way....Jalousie's are for pansies!

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  2. Westie obviously!....scene tax adds horsepower and sex appeal!

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  1. Left


    Random wires

    Couldnt work out how to link via tapatalk lol
  2. It's as I said above. The brown in the bunch is the end of the brown poking out on it's own. Brown wires are all earths.
    What did you connect to your unit earth tabs?
  3. The brown earth wires....obviously :p hahaha
    Im not telling due to guaranteed mockery lol
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  4. I know you've connected just one end of the wires in the looms, I'm not stupid. :D
    What VW do if a wire comes out of a loom like this is run it up the loom then double back, giving the impression it originates from the other direction. ;)
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  5. Vw are crafty like that. The loom out of my bug had loads of those hidden loops i found after i cut the conduit off the outside to add a few more wires for guages.
  6. Any updates, Luis?
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  7. Hi Luis, just bumping again - hows the bus, hows you?
  8. Last logged on 29th Dec 2015 according to his profile page ?

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  10. Been a while huh?!
    Five years or so since I last updated this , and tbh the bus is still nowhere near finished, although I do at least still have it so that's something I guess. Had some pretty serious life ups and downs, lost four separate storage locations, got diagnosed with type 2 BPD (the irony of it being type 2 isn't lost on me hahaha) and hypomania but things are finally starting to even out and I'm tinkering again at long last. Did some stuff on the engine last month, and I got hold of an early engine lid so there was some modification of the rear valance to accommodate it. It's now going to be a high roof too. Got a new front panel and valance, and walkthrough bulkheads to fit, and planning to close up the rear vents, let in some splittie louvres in the rear quarter panels, and convert it back to a full panel Van.
    So it's still ongoing in spite of everything also have joint custody of my now five year old son, so that worked out ok too...he's with me half the week and every other weekend ☺ and he's VW mad already so clearly a chip off the old block lol
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  11. Don't worry not much has changed:D
  12. Wow - I'm so glad to hear that you are fighting fit and grabbing the bus by the horns. Yours was the first thread I followed when I joined TLB and I was always curious about what was happening to you and your bus. It looks great.
  13. Well there's still an awful lot to do....I didn't touch it for almost three years and a lot of the stuff that I learned on could really do with a revisit. The steel roof is bordering on needing a complete replacement but since I'm putting on the high top on I'll be cutting the worst of it out anyway so that's something. It looks far better in that picture than it does in the flesh believe's got a very rough coat of primer, with some basecoat mixed in just so it was all one colour and less of an eyesore to be complained about! But I'm slowly getting on with it as time, money and mental illness allow (the first two usually in short supply....the last unfortunately not). Promised my son we'd try and go away in it this year so there's still a deadline of a different kind.
    I weld for a living now, so this did lead into something positive....although it's production welding for a farm machinery manufacturer, so no VW involvement unfortunately.
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  14. JamesLey

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    Good to see you back on here matey!
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  15. Agreed

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  16. Appreciated....surprised anyone remembered my build tbh....five years is a long absence
    Just waiting for the weather to improve a bit, and still collecting various panels and suchlike, then I can hopefully get on the welder and post a few updates
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  17. Mate, so good to hear you are back! You had an amazing build going on, you've got this!

    Glad you bounced back from your troubles too.

    Onwards and upwards.. happy days
  18. Did get one project finished though....custom 24volt Volksrod for my son....stretched the frame....lowered it three inches, retrimmed interior, motor and battery upgrades and whitewall smoothie sack truck rims custom fettled to kid rides in style :thumbsup::D

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  19. And this will be finished in a few weeks.....custom hardtail bobber chop. It's a Cleveland Heist that I've reworked as a 50's style Indian :)

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