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which window for the win?

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  1. Glass panel all the way....Jalousie's are for pansies!

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  2. Westie obviously!....scene tax adds horsepower and sex appeal!

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  1. Well, I got home from work today to find a letter from my housing association, advising me that theyve received a complaint from my local residents association about my bus. A little background to this.....i live in social housing on a heritage site....a converted asylum believe it or not. The residents association is made up of retired busybodies with too much time on their hands and a superiority complex because they own their 500,000 punds plus houses, and tour the social and rented housing part of the estate with clipboards in hand (true story! lol) looking for anything they can complain about. I wouldnt mind but the people in question live at the other end of the site, a good few minutes walk away, and probably the only time they come onto the bit where I live is to do their weekly clipboard tour....but I digress, the upshot of this is that I have been given 4 weeks to get my bus into a roadworthy and presentable state, after which I will be considered in breach of my tenancy, which apparently has a clause in it about working on vehicles on the site. If this occurs, I will be invited to the local county court for possession proceedings lol so no pressure then!

    So....four weeks to replace the sills on both sides, repair the roof gutters and corners, replace a front wheelarch, several other minor areas and then get it prepped for a semi presentable coat of a get stuck in kinda guy but this seems like a tall order for even MY can-do attitude.

    So, im after some of the famous Late Bay help, in terms of advice, guidance on the quickest and best ways to tackle stuff, a little help on what panels to buy and if anyone is in the area and likes world class bacon butties and tea an extra pair of hands would definitely not be turned away lol

    Chopping out sills this weekend......anyone have any pics on where to cut etc? Zed explained it to me in another thread, but im having trouble visualizing it
  2. Don't chop your bus up?
  3. Little late for that lol
  4. Rent a local garage ??
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  5. bernjb56

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    Find somewhere to store it ?
  6. rickyrooo1

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    weigh it in?
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  7. Is it mot"d?
  8. Because 'roadworthy' could be a little vague... And just find somewhere else to work on it..
  9. Don't know how to do a link but look at my resto, I have replaced most if not all of the common rot areas on my bus and think I took reasonable photos.

    You may need some time off work if you are trying to do it in your spare time, a few full days graft equates to weeks of tinkering here and there.
  10. before you go off half-cocked, ask to see the dictat in your tenancy agreement which specifically deals with working on vehicles...ask for precise clarification on what is deemed both 'presentable' and 'roadworthy' and who is actually responsible for formulating these definitions. The term Roadworthy may or may not be upheld by current MoT legislation, but the term 'presentable' is wholly subjective. Tell the people conerned that you're not wishing to split hairs or make waves, but you would like to know at what stage in your ongoing restoration it will be deemed 'presentable'. Then present them with a printed estimate for the necessary work (@zed might be able to mock up an itemized estimate?) and then explain your current income in relation to outgoings, in terms of council tax, rent, food and other domestic bills. This won't necessarily get you off the hook, but it will show you are willing to compromise, subject to time and finances, and may well appease those complainants, as they'll be able to chunter about it behind your back, safe in the knowledge that you're less wealthy than they are and are kowtowing to their pressure....they get off on that sort of thing

    failing that, consult the Citizen's Advice Bureau and see where you stand...making someone homeless on account of a half finished campervan wouldn't look good in the local newspaper...but then again, it depends how well connected the complainants are
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  11. cant you just put a proper cover over it when you arent working on it?
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  12. let us know if you do get taken to court about it...sure we can organize a massed visit to your estate:thumbsup: complete with oil drips, blown exhausts and a few timely late-night breakdowns....
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  13. I already rent a unit but its fifteen miles away, and has my jetta in it and since that is already apart and has no engine or running gear fitted I cant move it. Cant afford to rent anywhere else on top of that and the bus has no MOT anyway, so I need to get it to at least a pass standard before I can roll it anywhere
  14. Hahaha there would be actual heart attacks im sure!
  15. The flat we lived in before this house had the same conditions for the private car park, you're wasting your time trying to fight it, just one of those things. Just gotta suck it up , do the minimum work necessary on you're van to keep it road legal
  16. I'd also post it on Facebook if you use Social may get some useful advice from fellow dubbers
  17. to my knowledge, there's nothing to stop people doing this unless you need private permits to park...and there is no harm or loss under common law....see if @Jono1249 knows anything about it
  18. Its already under a cover. I should note that none of my neighbours who actually look at it daily have any issues with it, or me. The people doing the complaining live streets away, and complain about such tbings as people hanging their washing out to dry etc.
    The complaints are always directed at the social housing tenants, because we dont own our houses and therefore can be got at via the housing association
  19. I work part time hours so time isnt an issue.....i can put four or five hours a day into it happily. Money and skills however....

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