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  1. good plasterer should do big room and ceiling in a day , pends on prep i suppose but that sounds alot ,im not a plasterer but ................. get few more quotes erm :thumbsup:
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    I love the house - Saltaire is such a lovely place. Love the letter :)
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  3. time for bed. yet again i'm exhausted and deflated wondering if i've dropped a major wotsit buying another money pit.
    but i remember this feeling from the vw's and previous house so i guess i should take heart in the fact that it will get better and one day make me smile. :)
    tomorrow it'll all look better, won't it?
  4. It will. It'll all work out, even if you have to eat bread and jam for the next six months...;)
  5. Put the mirror back up and stick the ply back on the door with no nails

    Get the bug restored and a big engine built
    You can sleep in your bug but you cant race your house;)
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    Hi kev lets hope it is horse hair and not human hair :D
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  7. Just remember - it's not going to happen overnight! It'll all come good in the end, but don't expect miracles unless you've got thousands and thousands of pounds to throw at it from the start. I'm sure you'll get there and it will be well worth the wait.
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  8. ANTHRAX - oh noes!!!!!
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    London prices ?
  10. kenregency

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    good luck with your project any advice you need i can help just ask :)
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  11. Ive had the anthrax jab so in theory i could chip it all off with only a dust mask?
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  12. I was going to say that ive been chasing old plaster for years and...... but yes Ive had it too! I take it back but still think it highly unlikely!
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  13. £3 a metre Bolton sub-contractor rates according to my plasterer mate....but that's on to fresh plaster board
  14. That screw pulls the cupboard to the wall ,undo and lift the unit up...

    Nice house I love the old stone...:thumbsup:
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  15. does it need a replaster,get a painter in and ask him,a bit of patching wont cost 600 a room,over boarding will mean skirtings off and other wood around doors
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    It might just need the bottom 6 inches and the jacking points doing.
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  17. We had bottom 3ft done in our first house - rising damp. I wished afterwards that I'd got them to do right up to the ceiling because although the og plaster looked ok before we started, it was much thinner at the top and after it was done the only smooth bit was the new stuff. A great many people would gut the whole house, rewire, replumb and plaster from scratch. You'd probably get better value for money doing this.

    On another note, after we accidentally wrecked our present house they decided to rewire half of it as it was quicker than trying to work out what was going on with the existing wiring. Be ready to be put on the spot - where do you want the sockets, move light switches etc. You only get one chance and we hadn't thought about it, ending up with some sockets in daft places because that's where they already were.
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    I.dont think fred west worked that far north :)
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  19. Do the walls need a skim or re plaster.

    That's a lot of dosh for plasterer down this way going rate is 100-150 per day + materials.
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  20. Lovely looking house btw.

    Love the windows
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