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  1. Surprisingly, this can make quite a difference to your estimate....same if the spark comes to weigh the job up on a sunny day....fickle bunch sparks;)
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  2. Breakfast bar removal. [​IMG]
  3. think you're going to be getting down to just a bed and a functioning kitchen and bathroom before too long....:cool:
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  4. Continuing lodging in leeds. This house is a bit creepy and smelly atm.


    Now, how do I get this cupboard down?
  5. Take the plant off first:eek:
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  6. Ooh, green paint under the batten. This kitchen will be green when I'm finished. But without the woodchip this time.
  7. ^^^open the doors and you should see some screws going into the wall-they may be behind plastic covers.
    Best to get an assistant as you will need someone to support it while you remove the last couple of screws.
  8. Ah, good point. Problem is I'll be doing most of it on my own. :/

    This screw? [​IMG]
  9. If you're solo, as @philntfc says but remove the doors & shelves first to make the carcass a bit lighter. If you don't want the cabinet, hit it with a lump hammer & crowbar
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  10. I do try to recycle/donate stuff where possible I hate waste. Hmm, think I'll go in search of food before I do something silly. Last drive of bug before he's sorned tonight :(
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  11. Seriously though, those little white brackety things in the top corners are attached to hooks in the wall.
    Once the screws are loose you should be able to lift up the cabinet & disengage it from the hooks.
    If you can't lift the cabinet, check it isn't screwed into the wall lower down.
    Good luck...
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  12. Looks like a fabulous house and look forward to seeing the work progress. Usually, with those fastenings, the kitchen cupboard should just lift off the brackets. Those are the type of hinges used to adjust the cupboard.
  13. Nice windows! It took us 10 years to get our house ok then over the next it fell apart again. I wouldn't buy another old house without a mahoosive resto budget.
  14. That's old lime plaster, that hair is horse hair too proper old that .
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  15. looks nice erm , congrats , just move in n get stuck in , you dont want harry enfield doing the plastering ;) , find a good old boy to do it . My son is paying 200 a room in his bingaloo. If furniture wont go upt stairs see if you can remove bits to make it smaller or see if you can cut n shut:thumbsup:. Good luck looks great:thumbsup:
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  16. Horse hair in plaster was pretty common place back in the day. I can't remember the exact details, but in my housebuilding past we used to test horsehair plaster for anthrax before we started knocking it about!!!
  17. Go down your local fire station, and ask if anyone plasters/sparks'd be surprised ;0)

    Even if they don't, they will probably know someone.....
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  18. Bizarrely I've just had a fireman in the house and he recommended a sparks. I only knew him via a vw friend.
  19. Oh. Best leave it to the pros then. Some of it's going to be 'over boarded' which is a shame but I guess it's the quickest option. £600 a room (one is tiny) seems a lot got plastering when not doing ceilings.

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