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    cheap if he comes down here i will give him as much work as he wants at that price , but that price only stands on large big straight and prepared areas :thinking:
  3. That's what I thought! I'll have the whole house done please. :D
  4. good point. where a whole wall is blown they're talking of over boarding and mentioned that i'd lose my the board would take it flush? need to ask again. i'll be gettng a written quote so will check
  5. there's so many lights, switches and sockets in daft places! i've already got a plan of what i want/where in each room. unfortunately all my stuff is in the house so guttig it is a problem. i'll need other rooms plastering too but thought i'd start with bedrooms so i can sleep there and store stuff.
  6. two walls in each room need skimming, 2 need patching/replaster (holes down to bare stone).
  7. If walls are blown boarding and skimming sounds like a bodge and if you tap on wall you'll always have that hollow sound.

    If its blown its easy to take/knock off, bond and then plaster on top and it will feel and sound so much more solid.

    We had blown plaster in our kitchen and it will peel away/fall off using just our hands. Any stiff bits I used a chisel in a hammer drill - it made very light work of it.
  8. Only advice I would give is do stuff in the correct order........we moved in ours and made it all pretty, then found modern sockets connected to 30's had to rewire and then replaster. Think of it like restoring a bus.....don't respray and retrim and then start welding !

    Love where you have moved to and the house will be superb when finished.....just stay calm and are there for the long haul I presume .
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  9. yup, that's why i was thinking of getting the plumbing sorted too. long haul..? well, my initial plan was to stay here a few years and then see, it's unlikely to be my 'forever home' but we'll see. always wanted to live in saltaire but the lack of garden space isn't good.
  10. What garden :oops:
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  11. I refuse to move cos I have a garage big enough to fit in van a work on as and when required. But if I could find a triple garage attached to a small house I would re-consider !!
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  12. Im sorry but your head must be spinning! If its blown then really it needs to come off. It is a very messy job and best to clear the room as best you can. Your options then are to have it traditionally replastered ie bonding and finish coats, or to have it dry lined. ie thats plasterboard thats fixed to the wall (with a plaster type glue! and this is then skimmed. Its quick and will, or should be, arrow straight. The process is made mor difficult if you have cornice/coving that needs to be preserved. Never used to be a fan of dry lining but having done some myself i liked the outcome.

    My house has had some dry lining over existing plaster. Looks ok but its a bodge!
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  13. I bet there's a hell of a waiting list to get on those allotments next to the Mill too! Oh we'll, you can grow some spuds n herbs n stuff in containers :)
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    i dont like to stick to blown plaster unless you can screw the boards too as you cant stick to blown plaster as it will all come away together ,hope this makes sense.
    if the walls are lathe and plaster then remove the plaster then tack over the lathe as most dust sits behind the lathes.
    or remove blown areas and bond them in them scrim and set the walls.:)
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  15. while your doing the house refurb don't forget the insulation

    with heating bills going up and up it might be time to stick some insulation in the outside walls as well as floors and ceilings

    if outside walls need plastering you could dot and dab insulated plasterboard to them before the plastering

    the rewire quote looks cheap, just make sure you get everything your getting in writing and you end up with a certificate
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  16. Striping more paper today
  17. looks like its coming off ok , feels nice when you get big pieces dunit :):thumbsup:
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  18. *stripping. Stripes come later. Clearly they used that well known 70s paper adhesive 'Marmite to a blanket'.
    Found lots of these too
  19. spect @MorkC68 n the planee boys a be sniffin soon ;)
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  20. Lovely! Nothing more satisfying than stripping old wallpaper.
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