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  1. :( oh dear
  2. dont talk to me bowt flooring its taken betty nearly 7 munfs to decide , she is now havin amtico mega buck :rolleyes:
  3. Amtico's good stuff: ours has lasted 20 years. Better than Homebase tosh.
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    This. Or Karndean do some nice ones.
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  6. and you standing in the doorway, laughing maniacally as you eat my supply of tunnocks wafers....:eek:

    may need to screw some battens down beforehand and secret nail it...glue the T & G.....
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    Have you got the depth for battens? I assumed this would give problems over the existing thresholds. If you can get battens down, I have a flooring nailer.
  8. here's my cunning plan: raise the thresholds...;)

    Actually, there's more to it than that....the asphalt has been laid over stone and only leaves about two inch of skirting visible.....So....while this in itself isn't insurmountable, it'll look a bit pants if you then add an inch and half of flooring/batten....digging out the asphalt isn't an option....

    I'm thinking to plant some timber guides on the asphalt temporarily and chase out some channels for battening...or f*ck it and raise the thresholds, undercut the architraves and rout the back out of some new skirting to plant over the original.....big job breaking out:thinking:
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    I would fit carpet:confused:
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  10. i used gripfil, best to glue the timber together as well if your going this route. You could use a thin underlay provided the floor is level and glue the boards together and do it as a floating floor. New skirtings will cover expansion gaps. Id be tepmted just to hack off the old skirtings at the level of the asphalt, lay the floor with expansion gap all round and then fit new skirtings at the s=correct hight for the floor. I would also leave a gap between plaster and floor.

    To recap:
    • hack off old skirtings at floor level (or even below if they will lever out of the bitumen.)
    • remove architraves
    • hack off bottom inch of plaster
    • lay floor with expansion gap to be hidden under skirtings
    • trim and fit architraves
    • fit new skirtings
    Not perfect as the asphalt is there for a reason and should extend to bare brick/stone. Skirtings shouldnt have been left on so any plaster thats behind there shouldnt be there if you get my gist!
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    I'd dig it out and start again. Sounds worse than it is. :)
  12. this ^^^ is probably going to be the best bet tbh....basically, a wooden carpet:thumbsup:
  13. yep - wasnt absolutely clear as the glue it down or have it floating were options (not both). If its a good level floor then crack on - if not then either level it or use a good adhesive - sure you can get trowelling tubs for gripfil.
  14. I'd badger it out with an arseing hammer, then flange it over with a couple of dead frenchmen. Always works for me :thumbsup:
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  15. You sound like you know what you're doing....when can you start?
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