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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ermintrude, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. uPVC windows are the work of Satan :mad:
  2. I know, but I don't have a spare 8 grand to get new sashes made :(
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  3. would need planning and building consent for that and they would say "NO!" besides, i like the northern grime.... just not INSIDE the house :mad:
  4. Pah. In Southall, they would've painted that lime green by now, with yellow window frames...
  5. i won't buy a house with upvc windows. i restored all the sashes in my last house, so knew that i could do them here. When i first did mine in nottingham i was offered a job with a sash window resto company! Cheeky buggers were doing my neighbours nd were bringing potential customers to mine to tell them i worked for them!.. only cos my beading profile was a lot better than theirs, but it did take me a lot longer.

    these have been made a little more awkward as they'd been turned into 'top openers' at some point but a bit of fettling, filler and replacing of staff bead and they should work a treat.

    it wasn't a job i was going to do this summer but trying to open the top opener with a mallet kind of made the decision for me :D no point in replacing broken hinges when i can put them back to sliders. £38 for 2 9lb weights was a bit of a shock though. will be a bit more canny with the sewing room ones.
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  6. ..... nice :oops: windows should be white and front doors should be pillar box red. FACT
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  7. I agree, although Buttermilk is another poss.
  8. too yellowy. i'm not a fan of 'yellowy', i think people should have the balls to go full-on bile yellow :D
  9. Yellow! Are you mad, woman :eek:? What would Titus say?

    I think red would do your front door nicely...
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  10. Lead works quite well...having renovated 17pairs myself at dad's house, mostly with 6mm glass, there were a few weight modifications required...
  11. I'm saying nowt....
    now that's what i call a euphemism....
  12. Makes a change!
  13. Just finished for the day. Vanorak is in bed in the computer. I test my case.
  14. In bed in the computer? You "test" your case? Is this restoration stuff affecting your brain :confused:?

    That did cross my mind while I was typing it, I'll admit...
  15. I have to type on a cracked phone screen cos he's nicked my MacBook! And it could be exhaustion. Or gin.
  16. she's been working so hard that i'll be treating her to breakfast in bed every day and a nice relaxing holiday where she'll be waited on hand and foot.
  17. Was she gripping your "teacakes" when you typed that :eek:?
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  18. Get that Mac back! Only special people are allowed to use them.
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  19. busted. he's in the shower. :D
  20. Oooooh, you're so evil :D...
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