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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ermintrude, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. Looking at deals on new Miele... Another expense is just shat I need bit think it's the motor gone on mine. It started to slow down so I turned it off before the familiar motor burning smell could even begin and it didn't work again. :(
  2. I'd go for the Cat & Dog - we've got one, five years old and it hasn't exploded yet. Great on carpets, if you've got any, has hoovered up pounds of collie hair. Only minus point is that the anti-smell charcoal filters are quite pricey, but you only change them once in a blue moon. Might be worth buying from John Lewis (I have moral objections to buying anything from Currys, as they're so crap), as you get a 2 year guarantee.

    Re @vanorak: does he moult excessively, or scratch the door frames? If you find him sliding across the floor on his bum, he may need worming...
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  3. I didn't type it! It was logged in to TLB in my name....
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  4. Git.
  5. I did have a look at motor prices - £65!
  6. That's the problem with people these days - once something gets over a certain age no one wants to put the effort in to keep them running! :rolleyes:
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  7. if i could get it sorted for that money i'd definitely keep it but i'm unsure if it is motor or what could go wrong next... to get someone to look at it you have to pay a deposit, until they quote you for the job, if you accept the deposit is paid back... if not, not :/
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  8. £183.99 for a miele s424i motor! :eek:
  9. i just thought i owt to go off topic ,for the first time eva :oops: , n say, by the way, CONGRATULTIONS YOU TWO!! tlb romance does resto :thumbsup::hattip:
  10. So long as he's not "marking his territory" on your chaise longue......if he does get him spayed, it's a kindness if anything.
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  11. are they ok , house ? restored ?:(
  12. Decision made. Sewing room ceiling coming down today
  13. I have an overwhelming desire to sand that door...
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  14. so whats stopping you?
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  15. good to see the old erm bash it down spirit is back :thumbsup: hows rest going ? any pics :)
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  16. Excellent to hear you're feeling perked up enough to start wielding the sledgehammer again :D
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  17. Hammer in da room ....

    Go for it !

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  18. buy the way @Ermintrude how did the plants n shrubs go ??:)

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