New house resto

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ermintrude, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. I can see a wonky bit on your neighbour's hedge. Go across and tell him...
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  2. I should! He watched me struggle with blunt shears on the unkempt headgear here and then got his bloody electric trimmers out for his own. Smug git.

    His wife likes to watch vanorak in the bathroom... He's the new bod! :D
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  3. Get @vanorak to oil his pecs by the bathroom window. It's the only way to deal with curtain-twitchers...
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  4. Marmite. Milo the Miele has just packed up. Motor I suspect, just got slower and slower.
    Of course, as I currently crap money out on a daily basis it's not a problem. Arghhhhhhhhhh!
    When did my life become this!?
  5. I'm going to eat his tunnock tea cakes! :p

    that really made me..... lol....
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  6. ^^ tears actually ran down my cheeks...:D
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  7. What? A Miele packing up? That's not possible.
  8. it is and it did.

    finally in bed, camping in the living room, following a broken radiator pipe *"minor disaster" in said living room. there are no curtains and the 5 billion watt outside light keeps going on thanks to next doors mog.

    *don't ask. :rolleyes:
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  9. Well we're having a thunderstorm here and the gutter's overflowing - through the bathroom window which is shut, through it's floor and down through the kitchen light into the sink. I'm going back to bed. :(
  10. and you have managed to sell said house ...:p
    well done ...:chewie:

    its not rained here for weeks...
  11. Not sold yet, the gutters are all blocked is the problem. :(
  12. Not having a bigger work space is really annoying. First coat on windows.

    Bathroom door, one side stripped
  13. Think I'm adding a certain something to the village. Some tourists today, with their guide book, looked up at the house and quickly moved on :(
  14. You need one of those blue circle plaques outside..."Vanorak toiled here, 2014-2015"...... or similar
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  15. Oi! I've done lots of toiling too. He just takes a lot longer :D
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  16. Is that one of those fancy pants ceramic hobs?
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  17. Whoops! Sorry :oops:
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  18. Yes, I'm so posh I use it for alfresco dining, dontcha know!
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  19. I have an overwhelming desire to sand-blast your brickwork...
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  20. It's so nice to see someone renovating sashes properly rather than simply painting them shut! Some bugger pulled them all out of my house and replaced them wth hermitically sealed uPVC...which is pointless since the frames leak!
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