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  1. I bought a house. I've found some good stuff and some bad. Wanna see?

    Original doors hiding behind ply panels.
  2. Never understood why people would do that! Keep the pictures coming :thumbsup:
  3. Nice old wallpaper behind 70s lumpy stuff.

    Nasty hole with old gas pipe hiding behind strategically placed wall mirror! [​IMG]

    Blown plaster. It had hair in it!!
  4. Ooh - I'm going to enjoy this thread :D (and good luck with it!)

    It was fashionable for a time (60s? 70s? maybe) as well as taking out original fireplaces.
  5. kev


    Probabley horse hair it was used to hold the.plaster together
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  6. What's behind the door? Treasure, dead bodies or just a loo? :)
    Looks like an interesting place.
  7. PO was a sparky. I thought this was a good thing, how wrong I was!
    He left a note in the loft essentially saying he bodges the Lx and it'd need rewiring.

    I knew this after seeing this

    It's has nice windows (which are falling apart)
  8. Am currently waiting nervously for rewire quotes and plastering of two rooms to come in. I've been told it'll be more £ due to the furniture I have in.

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  9. I'm sure there's more good bits but they may be hiding behind woodchip.
    I have the smallest peach bathroom, I need to somehow get a deep bath in there at some point.

    The floorboards are nice

    And I have a cellar
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  10. Looks a great place, with plenty of potential as they say. Good luck with it.
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  11. Looks really super - lucky you! Everything can be fixed...I'd get the hassley stuff (rewiring, plumbing etc) out the way before you get too settled.

    More pics please!
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  12. Whens the housewarming then? Nice looking place and you still got the bootscraper out the front.:thumbsup:
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  13. Get rid of those 80s peach things in the bathroom ;)!

    Our house when we bought it had a 70s avocado green bath and a maroon sink and tiles in the downstairs loo. I can only assume the previous owner was colour blind. They didn't last long...
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  14. Unfortunately I only budgeted for rewire and moving a new boiler. I want rads moving now and obvs plastering doing so think I'll have to live with old tank and bathroom for a while.
    Feeling a bit anxious and despondent atm. The phrase "what have I done??" Keeps screaming through my head.
  15. The pantry is behind the door. It's a bit full.[/IMG

    Not all my furniture fits up the stairs, or in the house. Some will go into the kitchen when I remove some fitted cupboards. Which is a frightening prospect.
  16. The back yard. [​IMG]

    And view from my back passage

    Currently cleaning kitchen and using plenty if this
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  17. Once the hob is clean I'll be boiling up some essential oils to try to rid the house of the pervading rotten cabbage smell!
    Am now slightly regretting sinking all my redundancy into reducing the mortgage. Marmitesticks!
  18. No reason to feel despondent - looks like you've got a great place. If you fix stuff up, you can make it your own!
  19. Looks a lovely place. The initial period after moving in can feel like running through treacle but you'll get there eventually - honest!
    Good luck, it will soon have your stamp all over it and then it will truly feel like your home.
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