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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ermintrude, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. Get stuck in with the Barkeeper's Friend!
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  2. Glad all sorted - its your new project so enjoy it. Looks lovely and get the basics right first and worry about the deatial later. Having seen pics of your previous house Im guessing it will end up exactly as you want it. Ive got an extremely small bathroom - which was just big enough for a 1500mm bath (with a bit of plaster removed). Boiler is important its bloody cold oop north tha knows!
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  3. It looks absolutely lovely. Good luck with the resto. The windows look fab!!!!
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  4. Forgot to say - shop around plenty for your rewire - there are a lit of sparkys that dont like doing rewires at all and thoase who do nothing else. The latter will be in and out quickly and cheaply. If you need plastering it might be cheaper and better to have the plasterer do the patch plastering for the rewire rather than the sparks. I got quite good at it when I was house-bashing but its a lot quicker (and my quotes were significantly lower as It could be a pain to patch up!

    Incidentally when I was house bashing our target for a 2 bed house was 18 hours and 24 for a 3 bed. (not including plastering up). Hard to believe now but we almost always hit targets and made top bonus. Would be interested to see what it costs these days.
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  5. Heating works ok but is a tank with boiler and back up immersion (I think) [​IMG]

    First quote for rewire and plastering two bedrooms (not ceilings) is £2.5k for rewire and £1.2k for plastering.

    Wondering if u should get new boiler and rads moved at same time? Or wait until I can actually afford it?
    Poor dougal won't be getting his resto any time soon.
  6. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    That house looks like my worst nightmare!!!
    I'm sure you'll soon get it looking proper homely though!
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  7. I assume thats a full house rewire (reads like just the beds!). Shop around but doesnt sound that bad but whats the spec (how many rooms)
  8. 3 bedrooms, one living room and kitchen. Pantry, cellar, hall and bathroom with hideous spotlights and polystyrene tiled ceiling and gold taps!
  9. Took me 12 years to get last one how I wanted with lecturers salary and hols. This on needs more work and I've taken a massive pay cut. Oops. It's a good fun though. Isn't it!? :D
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  10. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Mines taken about 7 years so far but I'm almost there now!
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  11. Took us about 10 year to get ours how we wanted it, we're slow workers :thumbsup:. Welcome to sunny Yorkshire then, well this bit anyway. Good thing about this weather, gives you a chance to get up into the roof void and check for water ingress! We,re sorted now but for about a year we had various pots n pans dotted about our loft to catch all the drips :eek:
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  12. sANDYbAY

    sANDYbAY On benefits-won't sponsor!

    It's an adventure, and a journey. Enjoy yourself
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  13. Bought loads before I moved in. If only cleaning was the biggest issue!
  14. Daren't go up to the loft!!!! I do love Yorkshire. Just need to find a good takeaway in saltaire now. And a plumber.
  15. Is there still a chinese next to Fanny's?
  16. Id be amazed if there isnt a decent Indian too far away!
  17. @Ermintrude, you may have seen this document. It provides a fascinating insight into the philosophy and development behind the village. There are some great photos of your area and if you like local history it's a great booklet to print off & dip in & out of.
    You live in a lovely area & it'll be worth the grief in the long run. :thumbsup:
    BTW on page 48 it does say grant aid has been available to property owners. The document is a bit old now but I wonder if you could ask the relevant authorities if there's any money left?:thinking:
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  18. The place looks like it will have bags of character when it's sorted. The good news is, if you're looking at a complete rewire plus plastering, your chosen spark will have carte blanche when it comes to chasing out and's not as if he/she is having to work round existing 'finished' rooms. It'll look a mess, initially, but will be quicker to do...
    Guess you're going to have to keep reminding yourself of the big picture while work's in progress...I'd definitely get the boiler and leccy sorted simultaneously if at all poss...and make sure the spark and the plumber talk to each other beforehand...over a brew and'll get a better job done:thumbsup:
    Oftentimes tradespeople blame the last one in for making their job more difficult;)
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  19. Ooh, will have a look at that later. No wifi here yet. Thank you.
    I suspect that grants are only for exterior work due to grade 2 status.

    Am currently trying to shuffle stuff around to make it not look as full of my stuff and not ripping a kitchen unit off the wall. Just in case, how easy/difficult is it to remove a kitchen unit?

    Second sparks cancelled cos he has too much work on. 3rd one can't come until 2nd jan so need another quote soon.
  20. Easy. Couple of screws.
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