My 1979 LHD WESTY US Import

Discussion in 'Show Us Your Ride' started by pkrboo, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Looking good Matt:thumbsup:
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  2. So whilst driving back I put some music on, speakers sounded bloody awful. Checked them when I got back and there is a hole in one from weld spatter. So I went back to my paint guy and told him. Instantly gave me money to buy some more. They are only halfords FLI 6" speakers but they are good for the money.

    Also have a few marks in my wooden shelves which I will try and get out with a bit of a clean and a bit more wax stain. If it won't clean up he said he will paint them for me whatever colour I want
  3. Happy days. At least you know the metal was welded & not just filled.
  4. Yeah, I know exactly what was cut out as he showed me !! He said he would rather cut out any sign of rust even just a small bit if pitting and weld in new metal. Can't argue with that. I paid strong money though so would expect nothing less.
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  5. Amazing what you gan get done for a ball of string! Is he a cat?

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  6. stupid autocorrect on my phone
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  8. If you like(Inc VAT) but I will tell you in person at techenders when you are sitting down.
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    I would thinking I would get the info then, I'll see if I'm to cheap :eek:
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  10. :thinking: I guess £1200
  11. Same speakers I have in the front. Nice looking. :thumbsup:
  12. Yep I think they sound OK for the price too. I need someone with a blown speaker though so I can have another pair again.
  13. So I had it up on the ramp yesterday. Very minor surface rust do I didn't bother undersealing, going to rub it down and treat and paint first

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    Put some duck tape over the holes on the speakers if it's the rigid part, will sound spot on again :)
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  15. I did wondered if i could do something like that, problem is all the grinding dust has got in and stuck to the magnets so sound very "gritty"
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    Air line to blow the crap out and a magnet to pull it out too, a bit of 3in1 oil to stop the crackles, I was very poor once and couldn't afford new speakers
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  17. Hows life with that fancy pants beam @pkrboo ?
    Good/better in big style side winds?
  18. Well, it's very nice. Still get buffeted by the wind but it is much more manageable.

    Lorries do not have the effect they used to though, as the whizz past the blast if aid no longer moves the bus.

    Towing the trailer is the biggest revelation. I can sit at 55-60 with one hand in the wheel and just chill rather than constantly having to correct and fight with it.

    That is all mainly steering related, as for ride, it's fine. Less bouncy, feels more planted. Not much more to say
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