My 1979 LHD WESTY US Import

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  1. Bought two more regulators as spares. Much cheapness. Only thing I don't like is how the alt light stays in until you rev the engine a little bit. Seems to be a feature of the solid state ones.
  2. Just taxed it for the coming months, love this new pay monthly direct debit malarky, means i can have the camper on the road for 7-8 months a year if it fall roght with my job. winter months i am generally away at the moment so save money by SORNing. will have to go for a drive in it tomorrow.
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  3. Well jelous! We have to wait until next weekend until Chip comes out.
  4. MOT at parkside again?
  5. Not until September! It was a bad idea to wait for the start of the season so I decided to change dates to get it done when everything is going well. Marge will be going there soon though. I'll let you know & we'll bring the breakfast pastries this time:D
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  6. Save even more money Matt by paying for the full 12 months then SORNing and getting a pro-rata refund ;)
  7. So after a busy couple of days I have now removed the type 4 engine and 6 rib gearbox. Both off to different ends of the country.

    Also started in tidying the engine bay, chopped out the air filter stand as it will go with the engine and will be in the way on my conversion.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  8. Good work :thumbsup:
  9. LIKE!
  10. In for MOT today. Once it's passed I will be changing to the 2.5 scooby engine. I might even paint this one
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  12. Took advantage of the sun and charged the leisure battery up.

    A good 4 amps going in!!

    And fitted my buttys bits air freshener, smells of bubble gum!![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  13. that looks nice, who carried out the work if you dont mind me asking Matt (Major will need a complete reupholster) :)
  14. Retro Refits in Scunthorpe.

    They are on Facebook
  15. nice one, thanks mate :thumbsup:
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    Looks very nice :)
  17. Is the blue tape a go faster stripe?

    As in you pull the tape off whilst slamming your right foot down and being forced back into your seat with 2.5L of G force!
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