My 1979 LHD WESTY US Import

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  1. With the carpets(and minor gas leak) in the house sorted I cracked on with another one of my three years in the garage projects.[​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Is it rude to ask why? Doesn't the front one spin round?
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  3. Yes it does BUT with three growing kids they don't all fit on the 3/4 rock and roll bed anymore when it is in seat mode.
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  4. I've made something similar for when I need to carry 5 people. I used a vectra seat welded to a transit base.
  5. Today I have changed my rubber steering coupling and also the ignition switch, it now starts first time every time. It was defo a dodgy switch not a hot start problem.

    [​IMG] new versus old

    Old coupling worn and cracked and the rubber degrading and turning my hands black as crusty old rubber does. This was labeled as a premium quality part which I fitted nearly 7 years ago so hasn't done too badly.

    Let's see how the VW heritage repop one does....[​IMG]
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  6. @Baysearcher linked in another thread 'genuine' couplers. From machine 7 I think.
  7. Pretty sure there are no genuine ones left. Even the machine 7 one is a copy as i remember
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  8. Just checked and machine 7 have removed 'genuine VW' and OEM from the description.
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    It was there when I linked it last week!
  10. It certainly was. I even thought about buying one.
  11. I bought a "genuine " one from jk. It also had the vw ground off. Seems like a good quality item.
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  12. The alternator packed up this weekend. After some procrastination and vain hope that it was the reg, then buying a reg and pricing it wasn't the reg I ordered a new alternator from machine7 next day delivery excellent. Forgot to ask if they would do any discount though, bugger.

    Stripped out my old one and also stripped it down so I knew exactly what was wrong with it.

    Very worn brushes and the copper rings they run on were also very very worn, leading me to believe this could have been the original. Dunno if it's worth getting refurbed as a spare or not?





    Worn bits


    Continuing my theme of taking at least 3 years to fit parts I fitted the new alt bracket(sat on shelf for 3 1/2 years) in readiness for the new alt. Mine was always missing the lower mounting part, probably chopped off in the past.
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  13. Another job done from many years ago, @rickyrooo1 how long did I get these off you?

    Only the one side fitted for now.


    Bit of paint for the alternator back, and the inder tins which were starting to look crispy. Will do for now.

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  14. I fitted a push button start as my new switch lasted less than a few weeks!
  15. If it fails that quick it will be going back. Considering they are fitted to loads of cars in the vag range I expect it to last though
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    You can still buy them at VW main dealers I think
  17. Yeah I would expect so, t4's have the same type and my seat arosa. From about 2005 on they changed though.
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  18. So after the issues with my alternator the best there week, they continued this week with the the new reg, Beru from GSF, made in China, failing. It was kicking out 15.7 volts in the way home from Eddy's (definitely enough to worry about @Lasty)checked when I got home and it was up at 16.3 at some points!!

    Picked up a new one from local auto electrician (WNS Scunthorpe) and it now sits happy at 14.3 volts.

    All sorted so I thought, nipped to halfords to have a battery load test done, after overcharging it, they said it needed replacement. Luckily they agreed my 4yr warranty battery defo wasn't 4 yr old so gave me a brand new one for free, happy days.

    So after fitting new battery I also fitted a new positive clamp and a new earth lead to be sure everything is tip top. The post clamp never really fitted properly and was quite worn.

    Then today I tweaked the idle speed up a bit as it was idling at about 680-730rpm, a bit low so adjusted it on the throttle body up to just under 900rpm. Seems much happier now. Used the rpm meter that @theBusmonkey recommended.

    [​IMG] new reg, hc cargo brand, been and ordered two more as spares(or if people want them)

    [​IMG] Bottom,smallest = carp one from GSF (going back)
    Middle = old original reg (knackered)
    Top = freebie from place in Lincoln (tested good)

    [​IMG] new battery and running voltage.

    Split charge is reconnected but I have left the fuse out of the solar going to the starter battery just in case that is causing issues.

    Need to get some miles on the new reg to make sure it is ok and it isn't actually the alternator burning out regs.
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  19. An interesting point! I'm watching these electrical issues with interest as you know I've had the solar set up now for over 2 years.
    There's lots of questions cropping up regarding the interaction with hook-up, split charge, ctek etc.
    I can't imagine there are conflicts, but you never know. Looking for the weak point in the system specs but it's interesting coz people use cheap components that always seem to cause issues.

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