My 1979 LHD WESTY US Import

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  1. Oooh v nice. Who's the body guy. As you know we get MOT'd in your village (despite the 2 hr run out lol) & store locally. The front panel is about to loose a big chunk of filler.....
  2. I love this colour when it's fresh and shiny.
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  3. He is up in winterton just the other side of Scunthorpe so another 20 mons north from me.

    RMB accident repair, Ross is excellent at his job, don't know how many more of these he will want to do though, he normally does new/virtually new stuff.
  4. Cheers @pkrboo , well filler, metal & paint is just that isn't it lol.
    We've got a guy down our way, Matt at M.J.Fahy in Long Eaton but it's always good to have options...;)
  5. You can have a look at techenders, it's the first time someone else has done something on the bus!!
  6. haha, that's why ours is deteriorating. I can have a crack at most things but bodywork is a black art. Big respect to all the welders, fabricators, sprayers & old buffers on here:D
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  7. yeah so do I, especially with the stainless steel bumpers
  8. Really nice paint job and a captain's chair!
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  9. Two captains chairs!!!
  10. That looks fab, great job
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  11. Does that mean there are two captains? Who gets to wear the peaky cap?
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  12. davidoft

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  13. Well not me of course!!!
  14. More pics later when I pick it up, windscreen went back in without breaking which is always a bonus, just have the bill to pay now which I don't know
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  15. great that they managed to work around your stripe - would have been a shame to lose that.
  16. He wanted to take it off and get it remade as he doesn't like painting up to stickers really, but I said I didn't mind.

    I am sure at some point I will have ore paint down so will get the stripe remade and done again
  17. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Perfect paint match I think, once the rest has been washed and polished up it won't look too out of place I don't think.
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  18. looks great

    did he mix it from the code or match it with some sort of clever tool?
  19. Mixed from the code with modern paint
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