My 1979 LHD WESTY US Import

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  1. So with the new leisure battery installed the solar is now giving a normal 14.5volts to the battery, I am quietly confident at the way they are working. Today in overcast drizzly skies it was still kicking 0.9amps into the batteries.


    Had to bash in the wheel well a bit to help the battery slide in.
  2. Something special is happening to my bus tomorrow so I have done this is preparation


    Also had a poke about

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  3. Recently found some of that below my screen too
  4. Mine has been like it since I bought it.

    Finally getting round to sorting it, having found someone I trust to do it correctly and properly (close enough to me otherwise it would be @davidoft doing it)
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  5. davidoft

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    I'm not that far :)
  6. No but you are a lot further than the guy I am going to
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  7. davidoft

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    But I've got loads of spare green paint :eek:
  8. I'll take a tin if you have any
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    Just painted 2 vans, you just gonna paint down to the sticker?
  10. Yeah that's the plan

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  11. Surprisingly the rust doest go far down the bulge at all, think I might get away with not too much welding
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  12. Time to come clean

    So I recently fitted a leather cover to my steering wheel.

    Unbeknown to me at the time (yes I should have double checked) the wheel was half a turn out. So when I fitted the cover with the join at the bottom it actually ended at the top.

    Can I just turn the steering wheel round? I am more concerned with the self cancelling bit and it it will be in the wrong place?
  13. I think they need to go a certain way up for self cancelling and/or horn.
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    Have the seam at the top like a racing driver, did your self canceller work? Before you "fixed" the steering wheel ?
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  15. Yes self cancelling works which I am very proud about
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  16. Ouch :(

    Majors front screen bit is similar to your rust issues judging by the rust bubbles forming. Im gonna go for a new front panel (the existing one is a botch up by the PO stateside).
  17. just after the holes is rock solid metal, it looks bad but the flakey bits ois the paint that has come off and been stuck unde rthe windscreen rubber, a PO has had the windscreen replaced and i think they may have something with salt in to help it in.
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  18. TBH with yours I was surprised at the holes, its always looked a great bus. The "salty stuff" wont have helped.

    Our PO had a bump, badly chopped the mid section away, bodged welding on the heater box behind the grill and lashed it with seam sealer :(
  19. I've heard that water based lubricants (KY etc) can cause issues coz they get trapped under the seal. The guy that fitted the replacement screen on the syncro used WD40.

    Then again I once read that there was a WW2 bomber found on the moon!:rolleyes:

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