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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by charlene, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. £150 to remove the engine from the van,remove all the ancilleries and tinware sounds about right at 3 hours labour at £50 an hour
    Dont forget there will be this cost to refit it aswell

    The thousand pound for a rebuild plus parts and machining cost is crazy
    It will work out cheaper to buy an all new engine with waranty from vw heriatge
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  2. If the Garage is saying £1k with no parts I'm going to open a garage :D:D:D
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  3. And a pallet delivery to and from the engine builder, that another £100+

    £1K including machining and parts for a 1600 is nearer the mark and that would be quite a lot of parts, not just bearings.
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  4. The price quoted was £1090

    No parts ????:eek:
  5. No parts just to strip and rebuild the engine.... !!!
  6. Indeed

    Im sure an alu case and a set of pistons and barrels could be had for that
  7. Take it to a Vw dealer :D:D

    They won't touch it but it will be funny watching a couple of the younger ones hovering round the front trying to get the bonnet open :D:D:D
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  8. Where in shropshire are you charlene?
    I used to live in bridgnorth but have since moved up north otherwise i could be of more help

    We need to get a knowledgeable member round to take a look and actually measure what your endfloat is and do a compression test

    Hold your horses on having any work done for now
    You have come to the right place for help and advice as there are lots of good guys and girls on here that will guide you in the right direction
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  9. :lol:
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  10. We are in Ludlow....
  11. Very nice place:thumbsup:

    I know @poptop2 is in kidiminster but if im unsure if we have any other members close to you
  12. What kind of stuff do they do???
  13. Or is it in the name .. Lol.. Pop top?!
  14. Its just a member on here
    TLB try and help each other out to stay on the road you see
    We call it the late bay love

    Ive started a post in general chat to see if we have anyone near you that can pop over and do some measuring
    That way we can find out the best approach for you to take
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    I can't get past the fact that Gaz or Baz has driven it and says it drove well and the oil is ok , just use it and get breakdown cover!
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  16. That's great... We are complete novices and any help much appreciated ! :)
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    Bring it to Dubfreeze meet up with some of us, we'll condemn it properly there :)
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    PMed. :)
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  19. No problem we were all novices once

    I bought a van with a supposedly rebuilt engine
    The wife and little one were not happy sat at the side of the motorway for four hours when the engine lost all power and started knocking
  20. :thumbsup:

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