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  1. Hi.. We need our engine stripped as there is movement on the end float in crank ... What cost are we looking at???
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    Nowhere near enough info, which engine, how has it been checked, what symptoms ie noise or oil leaks, is it in or out of the van, how much are you able to do yourself?
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    yeah, what flakey said.
    and please tell us the chap in the pic is called scott? infact aren't you a mechanic?
  4. Hey....we've just been given that diagnosis from a restoration company, who are sending it to a specialist, it's a 79 late bay panel van conversion....with 1.6 engine in, we can do no work ourselves, I'm a hairdresser and hubby (not called Scott lol) is a gardener!
    We are just nervous as we also think it's been clocked and don't want to spend loads of money on it and need a new engine soon anyway??
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    i wouldn't worry about the "clocked" bit...... all these vans are very rarely true engines or mileage, there's a few engine guys on here who can be trusted, post up some detail of the exact wording of the company, who they are, pic's of the van etc and we will help as much as possible (you will need to filter out the silly jokes) say hi to mrs mangel.
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  6. You can't buy a 'new' engine anyway. So if yours is still running then rebuilding that is almost certainly the way to go.
    It's who does it and how much they charge that'll be your biggest concerns. Advice on both is available on here as long as you can filter through the endless diatribe of us jokers. :)
  7. And of course - where are you?
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  8.'s full diagnosis.....

    There is movement on end float in crank which would require a full strip down to sort this out. This is something that we would get sent to Steff at ACE.
    Points look like they have been replaced as does dizzy
    The oil is ok but can be changed with a service along with the filters.
    Rear Tin ware is heavily corroded also the engine foam seal is partly missing. This is needed for cooling..

    Gaz has drove Vera and he said she drives well and gears are good...

    Battery tray O/S is corroded

    Vera has belly pans on so can’t see what the underside is like.

    Seat belt points seem solid

    N/S outer sill has been replaced

    There is slight corrosion to rear N/S torsion tube

    We can get windscreen seal replaced as this is why water is leaking into cab area both sides..

    Oil gauge light is not coming on when ignition is turned on. We haven’t had the auto electrician look over it as yet. He doesn’t work for us so he comes when we have a loom to rewire.

    If you want to collect it and take to the trimmers for them to take a look at that is fine.

    If you want we can get the windscreen seal sorted before you take it.

    I would enjoy this summer and see where your at after then. I think if we were to start looking at the bodywork issues then I think we would possibly uncover issues which would then require more work than expected and at this time.

    Please let me know regarding seal and I can get one sorted. If you were to collect I could do with it before Saturday if possible as we aren’t at the workshop this weekend.
  9. Shropshire.....
  10. Rubbish, the oil will last another 10 years if it's proper 30 grade.

    A strip down without replacing the oil?
  11. Engine rebuild costs will depend on whats revealed once its stripped down and the internals are inspected
  12. Sounds like a fair appraisal. I'm guessing they're pretty busy and no time to do much other than change a windscreen seal, but they'll be aware you might need repairs under the seal so even that might not be straightforward.
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  13. Do we get engine serviced before strip down?????
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  15. No it would be a waste of time and money
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  16. Pointless!
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  17. I thought as much ... So plan get seal on window done.... Engine stripped etc
    (To all you experts would you go ahead with throwing money into a diagnosis like that?? Vera cost us £8700)
  18. Its hard to say without seeing it for myself and knowing your personal circumstances
    One thing that is for sure with these old vehicles is that you will always be putting money into them
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  19. Just noticed you mentioned Stef at Aircooled Engineering (ACE), Ive heard good reports on his workmanship..Ive never used him personally but I know a couple of people who have had builds & say they would recommend him!
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  20. I know ... We have bought Vera knowing that but if I'm honest being novices we didn't know she was a converted panel van when we bought her.. It was heart over head !
    We are happy to budget about £3-£4k this year to get her into a decent amount of shape ... Bits of surface rust don't bother us too much we don't want a show van just something we can go away in with the little one and not be worried about a few scuffs..... I'll try to attach a few pics .....

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