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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by charlene, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. Our Vera!!!

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    As garage write ups go that's a pretty good one...they need to give you some estimates on costs but that one is cautious where it needs to be and they aren't telling you to get an all over respray which sets alarm bells ringing.
  3. First of all dont throw money at anything yet? How long have you had this van? If you have just purchased it recently they are a long term investment ? If you want to have the best show winner then send it off to be fully restored and after £20K you will have a perfect van. Dont bother just keep it MOT'd and safe and do bits as you can in the meantime? The windscreen will probably be more than just a leaky seal, they are known to rust at the corners - your guy will probably just pop a new seal in and squirt sealant underneath, will stop the leak but in 4 months time it will come back.
    You need to find out how much 'endfloat there is' ? , a little is ok for now - just use it enjoy it and have fun, if its peeing out oil everywhere and the you can fit a bacon sandwhich down the gap then get the engine stripped. Btw dont get too worried about them they are not like modern cars they are low tech rough panel gaps and we love them for it. Good luck and keep us posted? :thumbsup:
  4. Thats looks nice
  5. Thanks guys .. We've had her off a couple of months and do want to just keep getting jobs done as we can ... We want to keep her as long as we can, my worry is always safety as having little munchkin in tow, but as we are hardly going to be bombing it down the motorway we hope she'll be ok.....
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    Agree 100% with Stan , use it enjoy it as long as it's safe, get to some shows or better still a TLB meet like Techenders and some friendly souls will happily look over it objectively for you
    There's probably an experienced member nearby who'd give it a look as well.
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  7. I understand same here I have a 5 year old and safety is always paramount. All that will happen worse case the engine will just overheat and seize with really bad enfloat they dont explode like in Hollywood films! But get a few people to look at the engine and see what they think before you commit?
  8. @Stan provides a sensible viewpoint. You have bought a very old vehicle like the rest of us. It might look sunny and funny, but you will need to become familiar with it. If you for instance go to a workshop, tell them you "plan a trip around Europe and want the van in good condition as we don't want to break down", that leaves the workshop in the position that should you break down it'll be their fault. They have no option but to recommend a full rebuild, then it'll be the rebuilder's fault!
    You need a number for that end float before you make any decisions. They don't explode, but then again a terminal breakdown on the M3 on your way to Cornwall for your summer hols would be more than annoying.
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  9. Thanks :) you sound like my hubby when I was saying I was worried he used exactly the same wording!!! It won't explode !!!
    We will get it to trimmer and start saving lol ...
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  11. Such good advice... Again cheers all... Will keep you all updated :)
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  13. I would spend your money sorting the engine and leak and get her running good then go out and enjoy the bus , don't start with the bodywork until absolutely necessary as this can open a whole can of worms.
  14. Agreed, don't worry what it looks like unless posing down the Chelsea Rd is your thing? Get out there and use it.
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  15. Just make sure you have a good stock of gaffer tape , did me a season or 2.
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  16. Will do!!! Anybody in Shropshire you guys know of to do engine strip??? Long shot I know!!
  17. Just as a quick test - ensure engine is switched off and not too hot to touch if you have just driven it?
    If you dont have this type of upright (T1) engine its just the other one T4 flat one, but the pully wheel and process is the same (marked with blue arrow).


    Grab it with both hands then pull and push it , you want to see if it moves back and forwards to and from you? This is the endfloat they are talking about, if its just a few mm's movement it will be fine for now, if on the other hand you are opening and closing a sliding kitchen drawer then get it looked at straight away! :gnome:

    Another test is to run the engine, let it idle (once choke has cut out) open the engine lid (be careful dont touch anything inside) , if it sounds like a rough sewing machine then its fine , if it sounds like a Stephenson Steam Engine with clonking sounds as it rotates and you see that pully wheel moving back and forth quite prominently , then get it looked at, either way dont worry they are not like VW T5's they dont just spontaniously fail they are very lazy and take their time. :)
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  18. Hey asked them how much movement ....
    "Outside normal tolerances "
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    Contrary to whats written up there ^^^ , if its "a few mm" it'll be scrap!
    You should be able to feel it but not see it.
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    a fair option would be to get a 2nd hand engine that is ok - if it's a type 1 upright engine there's always a few on here for sale and just get it swapped then get yours rebuilt at your leisure when and if the replacement fails - this might sound like a waste of cash but it's gonna cost a grand minimum to fix yours, you can get a decent 2nd hand one easy for less.

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