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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by charlene, Jan 27, 2015.

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    just sent him a message ....
  2. Im
    nervous as don't know what we're buying???!
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    understandable but there are trustworthy people on this forum, some people (like the lad who sold his engine the other day) sold because he had an upgrade not because it was crap, i'm just offering the option that should you want to get camping and not spend the whole of this years camping money on a new engine that there are perfectly good £600ish engines around that will last and be cheaper than a rebuild.
  4. Indeed! Click on his name and it will give you an option called conversation, that will send him a message from you!

    He will be able to give you some cost comparisons of new v old and what VW Heritage supply.

    Rick also posted wise words mentioning Zed & Paul!

    Ive just realised I should have put @Alex VW Heritage - Ive been emailing at work all day & got in a ruddy knot with the @'s!!
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  5. It can be a mine field buying a used engine tho ... The all new heritage one has a 2 year guarantee or I'd go TES for a rebuilt one if money was more of an object ......if second hand engines were ,as they used to be £100 then that's the route I'd go but at 600 quid its a bit of a gamble IMHO .....budget is everything
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  6. Do the clever ones buy their vans off the type 1 owners? (just trying to position myself here) :)
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  7. Sorry but what's TES rebuild ???
  8. The engine shop!!!! Found it!! Ok so which would be best on there ?! As I like their prices much better. ;-)
  9. The engine shop engines are reconditiond engines so some new parts and some old parts
    The vw heritage engines are all brand new parts
  10. Also dont forget wherever you buy your engine from you will need to budget for the labour charge
    Of someone removing your old engine swapping all the external parts over and refitting it
  11. End float the actual measurement of this is something that confuses me, I am about to change over a flywheel on a type 4 and should check it after ... by why would it have changed, I know slightly off topic but ....
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    I still think I'd just go camping in it. The garage they took it to said the engine drove well and the gearbox was good.

    I did forget the bit Rickyroo mentioned, get the oil pressure switch/light problem sorted BEFORE you drive it anywhere. If it was my money I'd tell the garage where it is now to sort out the oil light but leave the windscreen for me to bodge for a season.
  13. Right!! Ok....
    I think maybe get ours sorted :-/
    Just speaking to Stef at ace and he said you can replace and then still end up doing work .. Ours has new dizzy and points already so swaying that way ...
  14. Cheer all..engine light first!!!!!
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  15. sANDYbAY

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    Definately :thumbsup:

    Then go and have fun in it, it's what you bought it for after all.
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  16. :thumbsup: On it like a bay bonnet!!!!
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  17. Oh yeah ,pull over if it ever comes on when your moving right away ,if your stationary just give it a bit more revs.
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  18. Rhough
  19. Whether you buy a new engine or a rebuilt one you will still reusecall your ancelleries from your existing engine .so you would reuse your dizzy ,altetnator fan shroud etc ...
    no right answer really just depends on your timescale and budget ....if your getting yours rebuilt and the guy can do it next week , I'd be weary as a good engine rebuilder should have a decent waiting list if they are any good the end of the day its your choice ,your money but I would sort all mechanicals then body work then soft furnishings... I would also sort screen sooner rather than later to stop the water ingress...
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    whatever you do good luck personally i'd do it as cheap as i could and go camping but hey ho. enjoy the ride.
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