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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by charlene, Jan 27, 2015.

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    Not the 1st won't be last.
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  2. it`s not a 30k show van . use it - do work as and when , if only to keep it MOT`d .
    Most of all ..... ENJOY !

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  4. We need to see picks of underneath...... Sub 9k isn't mint bus money anyway so if you spend a few grand sorting all issues your not doing too bad ..if if needs more then 2-3 k then its time to think..
    A lot of guys say just get breakdown cover and drive it. That's great but if you know you have potential engine problems then spending 4 hours waiting to get recovered and losing any confidence in it can put you off altogether if your looking to get a recon engine you need a resevicable core ,which you won't have if it goes bang ..... Find someone like zed to give an honest warts and all and then decide on your options
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  5. Well thought I'd fill you in after todays visit to mechanic, believe it or not when I told my dad where we were taking it he chirped up and said "well that's where I took my bay for years when I had it, he's great"
    So we headed up to Hope valley this morning (back of beyond) ! the chap came out and we told him about the movement on end float and he went straight to engine, checked it over and got hubby to press clutch a few times whilst wiggling on the round thingy...(no idea what that's called lol) then start it up and he said "nothing to worry about there, there's more movement on these modern engines than on that!!
    We've left it with him to do, oil light, full service, sort tinware and foam and must say feel so relieved he's old school mechanic specialising vw and Audi and worked on these for years so feel quite reassured .......
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  7. that's good news for you guys!

    If he does an excellent job for you, give him a mention, it'll be handy for others!
  8. will do :)
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