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  1. Best thing that's been said all day :D
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    This is a fair point!
  3. That`s about right - straight from the horses mouth .
    @zed should know as he sorted out the rebuild for mine a few months ago.

  4. Yeah but don't remember ever knowing what Robert charged you in the end? I guess around that? It had a lot of parts I think.
  5. A quick blat up and down the road outside the workshop isnt the same as driving many miles to your destination with a load of camping gear and booze though:(
  6. Lots of parts and machining - Just short of a grand .
    You may recall it took ......

    a while .....;)

  7. We drove it back from collection ( 2 hours) sweet... Then 1 hr 30 to border... And always starts first time so hoping that's a good sign :)
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  8. See above...
  9. Eh? What border. Where are you?
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    I've been saying that for ages

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  11. Did someone say something? :)
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  12. Border restoration !! Ha not Mexico or anything!!!! Lol
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  13. Morning all...another question.....
    We need to replace one of the sliding windows in the back of the panel van....passenger side, but struggling to find the windows? Can see seals but not unit?
  14. Morning all....
    Long discussions with hubby and I want some opinions ...we paid. £8750 for our van.... With the work that's needed ( as shown in the diagnosis ) is this a 1) fair price 2) worth doing???
  15. As above
  16. £875o for a van with a knackered engine that needs full restorartion? Tell us about the good bits...

    Your restorer/garage is being nice about it, I suspect you may have told them how much you paid. They are giving good advice about using for now without spending anything. They know and I can guess that it needs serious work. They hope that over the year this will dawn on you and you'll make a better decision - either sell or start throwing serious cash at it.

    I haven't seen it, but even a resto at half the price BR are estimating would see you in up to your necks at £23K. Have a look at £20K buses, sell yours for what you can get, buy a good £15K one and go camping arounf Europe with the change.
  17. Honestly .... None apart from she looks nice.. We've been shafted?!
    How much would you say it's worth?
  18. I don't recall even seeing a picture of it? It's impossible to value without seeing it, I'm just reading between the lines of border restorations prognosis.
  19. One more piece of advice. Look hard at it, imagine it's a car you're interested in because that is what it is when the fluffy stuff is removed.

    Peeps (including me) commonly buy one, then learn about them, then sell and buy a good one based on their new found knowlege. I lost £6K on my first but ended up with a better one for 1/4 of that. Other people buy one then chuck endless amounts of money at it - in for a penny in for a £1K. The time to decide how to procede is before you start spending. With your new found knowlege of just how expensive this game can be, you may be prepared to take a hit on yours for an overall saving.

    I'm just guessing! Don't take it to heart, yours may not be so bad. :)
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