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  1. It shouldn't have changed, but it's wise to check as the surface that mates to the shims on your old or replacement (if not new) could have been skimmed.
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  2. Is there an easy way to check on a type 4?
  3. It's a job for a dial gauge. search on ebay - less that £20 including magnetic stand and postage.
    Type 4's aren't known for end float problems.
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  4. As Zed says a dti gauge:thumbsup:

  5. Thanks for that and the photo, do I just fix it on as the photo and then put a screwdriver between case and flywheel and lever it a bit ? Or is their a better way?
  6. You won't need to lever it, have the engine the right way up and just pull and push watching the gauge, zero it at one end of the movement.
    Do measure it before you take your old flywheel off as well because this measurement will show up any wear.
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  7. Guys is £1000 to strip and rebuild and engine about the going rate ? Without any parts ????
  8. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    With no parts that sounds stupid money to me.
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  9. That's his much we've been quoted..hubby said too much money!!
    Find someone cheaper ! Lol
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  10. Not just for labour
    At that price there will be parts and possibly machine work included

    You can never know the complete cost untill the engine is stripped and inspected though
  11. It depends on the garage hourly rate. If it takes two days at £50 an hour thats £800. Just for somebodies attention for two days. Then add parts.

    I would suggest having the oil changed, perhaps getting a temperature gauge so you learn how to drive it inside its limits (which may be reduced by old age .. )

    And if you want to make a go of it , go to events like Techenders, or buy yourself a T2Detectives Boot Camp day.
    Then you can learn enough to take the engine out and put it back and this will make any repairs a lot cheaper as the garage guy will be straight into working on the engine instead of a couple of hours extra each end to get it in and out - I was told I saved a days labour by handing the engine guy the stripped down camper van engine out of the back of my Peugeot estate.

    I am sure there are funny noises from inside my engine . but 37000 miles on they are mostly the same.
  12. Can't see a course happening lol ... But yes it was £1000 to strip and rebuild before parts ....
  13. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    If the garage is saying £1k with no parts / machining I'd find another garage.
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  14. Maybe the quote includes dropping the engine removing all the tinware and ancilleries
    Then the rebuild
    Then fitting all the tinware and ancilleries back on and refitting the engine?
  15. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Maybe, that's not what it says though.
    It sounds like the engine would be sent to the builder...
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  16. As suggested above that depends what you mean exactly.
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  17. Where abouts in shropshire are you?
    And what is the name of the restoration company you took the bus to?
  18. It's £150 extra for him
    To take engine out of van if that helps ....
    It's border restoration which I have to say I've heard nothing but good things about and having seen their bodywork true professionals. ... but they send their engine work to ACE VW engines in Birmingham.... And he looks pretty good too but just way out of our budget
  19. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I'd speak to @Robert Parry. I've only heard good things about him.
    £1k plus removing / re-fitting, plus parts, sounds stupid to me.
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  20. I agree

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