Is this the biggest socialist advance since the war?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sick Boy, May 21, 2017.

  1. And in a Tory manifesto? The social care provisions mean that most people will only be able to pass on £100k of wealth to their children. This does more to create a fair and egalitarian society than anything in the Corbyn manifesto. If I have read this right I am seriously considering switching my vote from Labour to Tory! Have I read it right?
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    It says ' most' in your post. I wonder who the odd few would be?
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    What happens to the rest of your estate?
  4. Don't do it! The real term cuts to education budgets alone will do far more harm to harm this nation in the long term than any of the Corbyn scaremongering you hear in the media. I am seeing this every day (Teacher)
  5. The odd few are those who drop dead early and so don't need long term care
  6. It goes to pay for your long term care
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    Private care homes then? I might invest in one!
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  8. Don't worry - I was only speaking tongue in cheek, and wondering if this is really the impact of these provisions. And wondering whether the Tories are down in the polls because their voters are worried about this. I'll be voting Labour.
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  9. It will just make loads of money for the insurance market.

    People will do equity release to get the value of homes below 100k.

    It's just a way to move care costs and responsibility from the state to the individual.

    Properly funding social care would be a socialist policy, this is certainly not that!
  10. I imagine there will be a whole load of unintended consequences and those with the least money to play with will be shafted while the wealthy find ways and means. That is the subtext of every tory reform since 1979.
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  11. I agree with you but from what I understand you can't get insurance for this. And even if you get equity release, you must use your wealth in whatever form to pay for your care, apart from your last £100k. This means that kids of wealthy parents will not inherit vast sums, leading to a more egalitarian society. I think rich traditional Tory voters will be very unhappy.
  12. Almost got me there John. I find it hard to believe that a Tory party had a slam dunk of an election, with, seemingly a good majority which would enable them to crack on with their agenda have revealed themselves again as the nasty mean minded anti working class party and now it seems anti middle class, or at least a good part of it. Why would, indeed why do people who will be the victims of their take on society actually vote for them. Thy have derided and poured scorn on labours manifesto costings and yet offer no sums themselves for their policies.

    They are mean and have absolutely no understanding of families. By virtue of the fact that they have attacked Corbyn so viralently then shes fair game. May has no family, she has no children, she has led a cosseted life. She hasnt had to care for aging parents as they died when she was 25, having to balance the responsibilities like many families have to. I dont believe for one minute she has an ounce of empathy for "normal" people and would certainly not understand the trials of simply trying to make ends meet with rampant increases in basic costs.

    They seem to think they are so untouchable that they can say and do what they want and get into power.

  13. Not the odd few, the ones that either:

    A) Drop down dead whilst going about their business, so they don't incur any need for social care.

    B) Are fortunate enough to have relatives still loyal and caring enough to look after them in the later years, so don't end up dumped into permanent care.

    Remember the days when nan got sick, she moved into the front room at one their children's houses and was cared for within the family until she croaked.
    But thanks to Thatcherism and NormanTebbitt in particular, people 'got on their bikes' and found work away from their home communities, so now they live miles away from nan, leading busy, hectic lives chasing materialistic Utopia and a new Range Rover Evoke every three years. On a fixed lease of course.........................
  14. I wish they could just be honest without fudging finger. Look at Brext, joke.
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  15. Try getting May to explain it all-
    Oh, sorry she won't be any time soon as we know Tories go into hiding and just let the press trash everyone else.
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  16. Let's face it. None of the parties have a solution. Borrowing is out of control. @Purple was right, we used to look after one another but now there is no sense of community. I'm a young'un in comparison and I blame Blair & Brown. I'm still unsure why Blair & Bush haven't been done for crimes against humanity.
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  17. Basically if you want to inherit your mam's house, you will have to take her in to your home, then wipe her arsenal and feed her mashed banana sandwiches until she croaks.
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  18. Wouldnt disagree but like other major social issues it shouldnt be a political football and really needs a cross party approach to look at funding and social responsibility. Not creating a market for private companies to move into which would initially end with front loading payments onto taxpayers anyway and result in a rolling cost which eventually would pay back. It doesnt really make sense and if planning appropriately then it is agenuine area requiring funding from government.

    The whole issue of social care, nhs, education, policing etc would see, to be one of reducing the state and contrcating out for the bnfit of the few. Its short termism, doesnt contribute to a cohesive and caring society and is intende to line the pockets of the few.

    6th biggest economy and people working in our private and public services are resorting to food banks o feed their families. Its a disgrace and not one the tories will fix.

  19. Yep, lots of rich people think that the people who are poor just need to get a better accountant........................
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  20. Though I'm not a believer in equity release
    It makes me think maybe take as much as it takes to get under the threshold
    I wonder :thinking:
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