Is this the biggest socialist advance since the war?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sick Boy, May 21, 2017.

  1. I draw comfort in the allegation that Comrade Stalin was said to have been a kindly, principled, old fellow too. :rolleyes: :D
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    Not today guys.

    Resume the debate tomorrow eh :)
  3. Our petty political squabbles seem to pale into insignificance today
  4. To show I have no political affiliations on driving out of the close this lunchtime one of the parties believe they are above the law and have placed a campaign board on publicly owned land. I have been in touch with the parish council and the party concerned and asked them to remove. I don't want to see this everyday for the next two weeks.

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    You really did that? :lol:
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  6. Yes I did I would have done the same for any party. If people want to place boards on private land then that's up to them, obviously my morals and ethics are a little bit different to those who are campaigning, that doesn't get my vote, I'm actually very cross because it says to me we can do what we like, no you can't because people like me will hold you to account. Just got an email back saying my message was being passed to the campaign manager and agent, let's see what happens.
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    Fair play to you.
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  8. Its now been removed "power to the people"
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  9. :cool:

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