Is this the biggest socialist advance since the war?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sick Boy, May 21, 2017.

  1. *THWACK*
    with punch's thumping stick.

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  2. Steady on Enoch!
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  3. Already answered that! Keep up!
  4. That's me well and truly told, I've no content, I'm Tory because of the colour, Tony Blair was an angel and Gordon Browne well he was truely magnificent
    I better go and play with my coloured bricks
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  5. Didn't thatcher answer, when asked what her greatest achievement was, 'Tony blair'?

    I loved the way he thought he would come out and 'save' the party, shortly before being put back in his box. He hates corbyn because corbyn wants Blair tried for war crimes.

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  6. To all the Reds....... Join the Labour Party and make a difference!
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  7. Thats why you swapped from being a West am fans isnt it Alf I mean Baz :D
  8. Bring out your gimps!

    Exuent stage left: whole Tory party.

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  9. You left out the middle man Guernsey..
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  10. Bazza which ever side of the fence we stand I think we all have a common goal & that is to make our lives & the lives of our loved ones better.....we just have different ways of going about it. You vote tory because you always have & probably because your parents did & their parents before them. I vote Labour because I would like to think they can make a difference to ALL the people & for the good of our great country. I would like to think they can safeguard the important services like the NHS, the police, paramedics, firefighters, teaching, law & engineering industries. Is that not enough?
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  11. I've looked at the policies , and seen the televised debate between the main party leaders. I'm pretty even handed and always open to new things, and I think this election is really important, probably the most important in this generation. So I've decided I'll be voting Tory in this election. This will give us all the best result.

    That's because whoever I vote for always loses, guaranteed :)
  12. Yes I expect we may very well pay more
    But who will fill the jobs
    Will there be forced low unemployment
    with low payed jobs
    Downward wages = poor economy
    and higher crime
    It don't look too good does it :confused:
    But of course it won't be like that
    will it
    according to the oldie brexiteers
    Sat in their care homes wondering
    Where has that nice foreign lady got to with my tea and mashed banana
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  13. Don't do it! Step away from the blue and into the red. (Why can I hear Jim Bowen's voice?)

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  14. You've done it now he's off sulking playing with his lego (or looking at pictures of Mrs May) :D
  15. You and I have some good laughs on here and just because we disagree politically that's not going to change, you are spot on, my grandparents voted Tory as did my mum, but my dads a labour man,
  16. To be honest i don't no anymore and more to the point they don't either do they

    maybe these party should just ditch everything come together thrash it out whats best for the country and get back into Europe.
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  17. You have a point. The issues we face leaving europe are so complex and potentially catastrophic we should have had a goverment of the brightest and best regardless of their politics, or indeed whether they are mps , lords or just experts in their field. A governement of national unity to represent the best interests of the people of the UK. Regardless of my politics i have to wonder whether this is all a side show.
  18. Soppy southerner!! :D
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  19. *THWA ... oh hang on, now you're being reasonable?

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  20. Have you stopped dancing yet?
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