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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by art b, Jan 6, 2017.

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  1. Welsh bloke or DC? DC is beginning to do my head in.
    Well jealous of you rob.e. That must have been amazing. How did you swing that?!

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  2. Welsh bloke. I think even DC has had enough and has no idea what he’s on about half the time.
  3. I prefer the Welsh bloke over Eddie Jordan any day.
    Might be a repeat of the last race for me - watch the start Sunday night, switch off halfway through and then have the ending spoilt by the BBC on Monday morning.
  4. I can see why people might find Welsh bloke annoying. But I cant help but quite like his style of presentin, coz he doesn't take himself too seriously, but i do know what you mean! DC on the other hand...I can't quite work him out! Obviously he knows his stuff because of all his driving experience etc but he strikes me as one of those blokes who rather than saying 'I don't know, let's find out' will start a b.s. answer baffling the listener with lots of unconvincing jargon! I think Carron Chandoch (Sorry about the spelling) is great though. He just raises a knowing eye brow to them both! And as for Eddie Jordan!!
    Looking forward to watching later.
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  5. DC is the boss... he could sack him!
  6. *karen? :)
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  7. I like KC insights are interesting.
  8. why is Bernie such a mahoosive bellend?
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    Kimi, not giving a tinkers cuss in the cool down room.

  10. He gets paid to follow the others around in a reasonably quick car... He's one of those drivers I don't really think gives much to the sport IMO.

    Decided to listen on the wireless while marking students work. Were the crashes and overtakes any good?
  11. Steve Jones is a top bloke he’s in the same hotel as us with the c4 crew - met him in the bar last night. Not like you see him on tv he’s very funny and didn’t mind us taking the pis with Welsh comments

    I put some more pic up on to my Flickr from race day. Mercedes have been super generous to us. I’m still pinching myself it really happened.
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  12. I’m incredibly lucky to have a massively generous friend.
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  13. This man speaks the truth...:thumbsup:
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    As preseason testing is about to start it's time to lock this one and start the 2018 thread,

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