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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by art b, Jan 6, 2017.

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  1. Just planning my weekend and have seen that the C4 highlights are at 10.30 on Sunday night...

    That’s ridiculous!! The race that will crown the champion is on at such a bonkers time of day for anyone working 9-5!!

    Not likely to get through Monday without finding out the result!

    and no I won’t line Murdochs palm with silver!
  2. You can always listen to the BBC radio broadcast live
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  3. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    I'll be getting up at silly o'clock on Monday morning to watch.
  4. Flakey

    Flakey Sponsor

    You can follow it on teletext :p
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  5. I listen to practice on the bbc at work and it’s very good, but not quite the same!
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  6. Considering it starts at 7 uk time (or is that 6 with the clocks going back) and finishes at 9 highlights at 10:30 not bad.

    I might have to either pay murdoch or find a pub with it on.
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  7. Stayed up! Good race and all the better for the first lap! Think mercs need to sort out that issue with following other cars tho
  8. Recorded the highlights and got up early to watch - avoiding news broadcasts.
    Did Vettel do that deliberately? It was just what Rosberg would have done last year anyway and probably Schumacher in his day too!
    But well played to Verstappen brilliant drive leaving Bottas in his wake - what odds for him being champion next year - if it's not a Brit winning I'd go for an Aussie or a Dutchman any time.
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  9. I don’t think it was deliberate... maybe the red mist was down, but the risk was too high to do it deliberately.

    I’d have to watch again, but Max closes the door on Ham after the turn and i wondered whether Ham lifted slightly?
  10. I've watched it a few times. There's a definite "jink" in the steering towards hamilton's rear, could just be correcting oversteer maybe but it's definitely there.

    Brundle's commentary on sky kept saying "there's no way Seb would have done that as he had more to lose" but in reality his wing was already bust - and the jagged carbon made a very good weapon to pop a rear tyre...

    I would not put it past Seb to have done that (just like his idol schuey) but it's all irrelevant now - Lewis is the man of the moment :) good to hear some positive words of congratulations though from everyone including vettel. I thought he was very magnanimous in defeat.

    From a selfish personal perspective i actually wanted lewis to have a zero/ dnf with vettel winning - that way it would have gone to brazil before lewis won the title (I have tickets for brazil) :D .. either way we'll still have a good time in a couple of weeks.
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  11. Flakey

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    Congratulations sir Lewis :thumbsup:
  12. So as new rules are suggested, Ferrari threaten leave the sport....

    Toys back in the pram boys, we’ve heard it all before!
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  13. Bloody drama queens ... always have been :rolleyes:

    Well done to Lewis , deserved it although lady luck had her say once or twice ...
    Must admit i found the first turn at Singapore particularly amusing :thumbsup:

    I honestly don`t think Hamilton wanted pole last weekend and played a canny game , finishing high enough in qualifying well but making sure Seb was in front and Lewis could keep an eye on things :thinking:

    As for the contact - totally accidental .

    Now , if you want to see a real `no holds barred` race - Philip Island was the week before :eek::eek:

    I rest my case , cars are BORRRINNNGGG :p

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  14. Mercedes team bus robbed at gunpoint late last night on the way from the track in Sao Paulo- this happens every year - why are they still using these places - are they going to wait until someone is killed before they do something?
  15. Not sure if this’ll work...

    Made it down to Brazil :) people are fantastic, super friendly. V lucky to be able to get in the Mercedes pit during qualifying, just behind toto and nicky. Lewis also came up into our hospitality area for a brief interview at the end of the day. Oh, and I met Emerson Fittipaldi. Yes I just said that. Crazy day.

    Looking forward to the race tomorrow, hopefully get to see Lewis making good progress through the field.
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  16. I was chatting to some of the guys in the team - they all had watches passports and wallets stolen. Thankfully no one hurt. All of the team have spare passports apparently, so they had someone from Brackley hq fly out with them.
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  17. Link works, looks like great fun!
  18. Grumble again... C4 highlights from 10.30pm.

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  19. Yeah - bit late - might record it and watch in the morning - but that means avoiding hearing the news.
  20. At least then we can fast forward the ch4 idiot.

    God I can’t stand him.
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