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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by art b, Jan 6, 2017.

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  1. Would he not still be checked though?

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  2. Apparently having an accident exempts (if that's the right word) you from having it checked.
  3. zat sneaky German!!
  4. I honestly wouldn`t put anything past Ferrari .
    There was an instance in the `60 with , Involving ( I think ) John Surtees where the FERRARI team manager (successfully !!) protested AGAINST Surtees winning - in a team FERRARI - to gain points for the ITALIAN team mate .

    And then there`s the Schumacher years ...

    Gamesmanship doesn`t even come close with Italians , any opportunity to `bend` the rules and they`re onto it which is why Vettel , in my `umble opinion , caused the `accident` to obsure the fact he was on fumes ... ;)
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    That was a big hit for Sainz in FP1.


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    That was a big hit from Grosjean.

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    Ericsson bins it.
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    Don't think I'll be using NHK spark plugs any time soon. :D
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    Perez: "Can I attack Esteban? He is going too slowly"
    Force India: "No"
    Pretty much to the point.
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    Scary replay onboard with Stroll. Looks like a puncture as he approached the corner and then he was just a passenger. Luckily he had already started pointing the car into the apex of the corner otherwise he would have been going straight on to a wall with not a lot of space to slow down.
    Plus he nearly took Ricciardo out as he came back on track. :eek:
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    Last couple of laps were interesting.
    Not the most exciting Japanese GP I've ever seen.
  12. Agree, a bit dull. Thought likely that max would catch lewis at the end, but looks like he still had enough speed to keep ahead.

    If Lewis wins in Austin and another DNF for vettel then he'll have won the championship (84 points ahead and only 75 left by my maths). Even if vettel wins usa, mexico and brazil lewis only needs 3rd in those three races to win.
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  14. What a race. Very entertaining!! :)
  15. Max getting booted out like a naughty school boy. I guess he deserved the podium but I’m not a fan
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    Pleased to see Verstappen was penalised, that pass was obviously well off the track.
  17. Good bit of swearing on live TV by Mark Webber
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  18. Max is a future champion. Drove very well again. Did not like Lewis having a pop at his team during the race because the others 'were so close'.

    If Lewis does not have it all his own way, the toys get thrown out. Good racer but crap personality.
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  19. Mark Webber made the comment of the day yesterday in qualifying when Grosjean had a bit of a slide on turn 19 - Webber said " and he was doing OK until he ran out of talent"
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  20. Entertaining at the end... it's good when there are a couple of different strategies at play.

    Not sure what the deal is with Bottas... they'll be fitting reversing sensors on that merc next year.
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