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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by art b, Jan 6, 2017.

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  1. Silverstone curciut may have to pay around £ 19 million, to host the F1 race this year,
    It's an amount that escalates at 5% each year,
    They are Saying that it's not financially viable..:(

    The Russian Gp is reported to cost them £40 million..:eek:
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    Where do they pluck these figures from?
    F1 like premier league wages are in danger of disappearing up their own exhaust pipes!
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  3. I hope that the new administration put the effort into balancing out the poor aspects of F1.

    The lower order teams are struggling, Manor are back in administration and classic tracks failing to make the calendar. There's plenty of money in the sport, it just needs to be better distributed!

    They need to work with what made the sport great in the first place and build on it, not bury it.
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  4. unfortunately Bernie ecclestone still wants more money, he's only worth 3billion.
    technically made himself a muti billionaire from technically not owning f1 just being the fixer, he should be in jail as we speak apart from paying Germany £70million to let him off, ******* pocket change to him and his croanies with their heads in the trough kissing his ar**.
    sorry never liked him smug bar****.
    right I'm off before his Russian mates come round...........
  5. The problem is it's the grass roots fans that suffer... we want a British GP, we want affordable tickets and we want free to air coverage. I'm sure all of that is do able if they trimmed the fat at the top of the pyramid and not the bottom!
  6. Silverstone only get the ticket returns - none of the TV receipts - they made a £3 million loss last year
  7. I bet old Bernie didn't make a loss on that one did he................
  8. You're not kidding - he didn't become a zillionaire by giving money away
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    Except to German Prosecutors :D
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    So Paddy Lowe has left Mercedes, allegedly to rejoin Williams as part of the Bottas deal.
    Interestingly, Lowe would not join Williams as technical director but take up the position of team boss, a role he was coveting at Mercedes but could not occupy with Toto Wolff already in office. Having served as deputy team principal in recent years, Claire Williams would become head of the racing team.
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  12. About time. Let's hope there is some change in the air
  13. I didn't think so. I thought he would look after technical guidelines etc.
  14. Ah OK, I just read something on Twitter and put 2 and 2 together. Must admit that makes more sense!
  15. I have respect for Bernie, for making F1 what it is today. Without him it would have still have been an after thought on most TV sports reports, but he has well overstayed his welcome and had his grubby little hands in too many pies.
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  16. At last, lets hope the winds of change blow strong!
  17. .
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  18. I was reading an article on it today, and they are saying that the new F1 management recognise that the strength of F1 is in Western Europe, and that the financial arrangements will have to change to make it affordable for European circuits to host - most circuits lose money on F1, and it takes state sponsorship to get a race.

    I stopped watching F1 seriously in the 1990s when I realised that it was contributing to work-related stress, and when I tried to go back to F1 , it was so boring I gave up.
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