Brexit outcomes so far.

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    We have had nothing here in the way of public funding ever, bus went under labour, I think I come in that group of people who pay in and dont take out of the public purse, I had to go to the dentist the other day, which is NHS, at the end they said do you pay, I said I dont know, as it turned out I had to pay, same when i got my prescription, If I add up what I have paid in over the years through taxation of all types its massive, to be fair I have two kids going through school and the wife went into hospital to have them, some things I dont mind paying for like defense and such but I could have paid for gold plated health and sent the kids to Eaton and had me teeth all replaced with gold ones and still been far better off.Dont get me wrong I worked in third world countries and have seen what it looks like with no welfare state but on the other hand I dont want what I pay in going on utter rubbish.
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  2. That's probably a common feeling amongst many. What concerns me is that having paid in and given that the systems I have paid into seem to be in a funding crisis then perhaps we should re-evaluate who takes out of the system. Even with my lefty leanings I can see that there are those who simply take, who possibly think the system is and endless pit of money and aren't necessarily in great need (ie could actually get their arses in gear and contribute). Unfortunately what I see is those in the greatest need seem to be the ones losing out. I don't think any of us mind contributing to the greater good but it isn't contributing by simply fuelling the greed of the feckless and lazy.
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  3. Well I'm all for a 2nd referendum on brexit and scotland. I actually dont think it will make a difference - I know of very few people on either side who have actually changed their minds. The original vote was based on a lot of fake news/falsehoods/scare, again on both sides.

    I think a second vote will confirm with the facts what people want to do and the everybody can just stfu and get on with it then.
  4. If ever I saw one that's a DAILY MAIL reader quote
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    Selfishly I think that the Scottish should have another vote, Im sick of Sturgeon and win or loose I hope I wouldnt have to listen to her again.

    For my own wellbeing I have decided not to watch anything on tele with the words "Big Fat" or "Dole" in the title
  6. heard on the news today about NHS
    I think it could do with the money
    It was promised
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  7. I notice this picture was taken in a recycling centre
    Perhaps they are trying to come up with
    The money by selling selling it as scrap
    Its probably stolen anyway :)
  8. or fitted with a Subaru lump
  9. :eek:
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  10. what's that mean then?
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  12. who is mooning with a short fuse
  13. Glad we got them lazy europeans to sort out border controls. Much better now isnt it!
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    of course its got nothing to do with brexit just the EU against the rest of the world - hope they clear it up soon would hate to think of those cancelled holidays to the med
  15. I think all the lazy ones are going back to their native country
    Now we have taken back control maybe
    By rights now we will have zero unemployment
    And a sharp increase in disability benefit claimants
    I couldn't possibly pick runner beans
    or work in a Hospital
    or do anything that involves work

    Well good luck with that!:)
  16. Take back control :lol:
  17. Sod all to do with Brexit. It makes news and stirs it all up but nothing has changed except for terror threats.
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  18. I know its not.... but it is what we wanted isnt it!

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