Brexit outcomes so far.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dicky, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. At least Dodgy Dave has left the building.
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  2. I was listening to a Radio show about payments to farmers .... in my mind it needs serious reform, they aren't payments to farmers but to wealthy landowners like the queen, the duke of this and the earl of that. I got the impression that tenant farmers got very little if anything.
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  3. ron


    The top beneficiary of Eu farming subs Is an Arab horse breeder followed by Prince Charles
  4. Anyone listening to the debate in the HOC
  5. Not really. Only because it seems a wee bit pointless. Theresa will win the vote, article 50 will be triggered. Anyone say anything interesting?
  6. Not really they just regurgitated the same old Marmite, I see it passed and despite it going to the Supreme Court (what a waste of time that was) Brexit can begin
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  7. About bloody time!

    The sooner we get it sorted, the sooner we get rid of the uncertainty and the sooner we can get back on course.
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  8. so, anyway. my job finally went!

    no - I don't mean I'm no longer constipated!!!
  9. Sorry to hear this - anything in the pipeline?
  10. PIE


    Expensive waste of time!!!
  11. And all down to the remainers

    I see Abbot didn't bother to turn up for the vote apparently a case of Brexit Flu ... the easiest way of getting out of a difficult position with her old squeeze.
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  12. Sorry to hear that, was it due to Brexit? Maybe its time for a change.:)
  13. What about Mr Blair then?
    Probably The only thing he ever said that I've ever agreed with .:thinking:
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  14. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Administrator

    I still hate him :D
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  15. what if the remainders get their wish of another referendum, if they lose do we keep having them until they win, just a thought
  16. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    That seems to be their aim.
    I can't see having that **** Blair on side is going to do much for the remoaners. I'd imagine he's equally hated by both sides?
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  17. PIE


    As both Blare and his wife have their snouts in the EU trough Im not surprised at his stance.
  18. Imagine no more! Its the truth innit!
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  19. Blair - He's doing this for himself or the ordinary people who he doesn't represent? War criminal should be tried for his past lies.
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  20. How anybody can respect Blair ...War creating destructive git .
    As far as i am concerned he has been responsible for all the trouble we have in the east and coming on to us .
    I thought i had herd the last of his irritating self righteous Gob .

    He's better doing some repair work on the Labour party if he likes to think he is still useful .

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