Brexit outcomes so far.

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  1. I can guarantee that I won't be buying any new vans anywhere, ever, Brexit or no Brexit .... you can keep your fancy 'new vans'......
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    I'd still like to know what constitutes a 'meaningful' parliamentary vote :thinking:
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    Any vote where the Government, with its built in majority, gets its own way.

    How come everyone on here who has commented, can see that the future does not bright for UK GM employees but our politicians are banging about safeguarding jobs; for how long - a year, 6 months. a week?
    Potential scenario.
    Peugeot buy Vauxhall.
    After a 'thorough' scrutiny of the books they say 'things are a lot worse than we thought and we need £xxxx million just to keep the factories open';
    Govnt decide not to provide funding, possibly because neither the Ellesmere Port MP nor the 2 MPs for Luton, are Tories.
    Cynic moi? Surely non.o_O
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  4. Very cynical, though based on lots of similar examples in the past so realistic likelihood.
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  5. There's nothing new about this. Foreign companies have been buying British ones for years and then closing them down because British labour is so costly. We have had a succession of spineless governments who have done nothing to stop it. Let's hope that Brexit will encourage Britain to be strong and stand on her own feet again. Yes, our labour rates may be higher than in China, Poland or Spain but it would mean people would have jobs and our benefit bill would be lower.

    Ah well, dream on PW.
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  6. Don't have to wait that long now ... next Wednesday (29/03) apparently.

    Seems that last nights Countryfile was a party political broadcast for the remoaners
  7. Italy would be mad to leave the EU. They're basically bankrupt but are too big to let go as they'd probably bring a lot of other major players down with them. It's hard to know what exposure other EU members have through investments in Italy. I'm sure Germany would be glad to see the back of them and the debt exposure but might lose too much in the process. Once they've got their money back from Greece and Spain (if ever) they'd happily let them go after working out Seat production lines.

    Luckily as we're not part of the Euro we'd be less affected in terms of currency devaluation caused by EU breakup if it were to happen.
    Our dear old friends the French are also ones to worry about since they're a big industrial nation. They're sheltering somewhat under the big umbrella that Germany holds over the EU members. They're also a militant bunch so you can never be sure what they'll do, but they have a big 'immigrant' population who'd never vote to leave as they'd be very vulnerable.
    Germany also needs favourable trade partners for all its cars too. And France likewise for all its crap cars. At least they are making stuff!

    Personally I think we should protect what's left of our industries, as we should with our farmers, otherwise, asides all the jobs and incomes that rely on them we'll be forced to rely on other countries for everything, not a strong position if we're out of the EU.
    Remember the cost of imported cars even while we were in the EU before existing flat pricing rules were enforced? It was cheaper to drive one back from Germany by a long way.

    Protecting our industry and jobs is a balancing act though, keeping them financially viable while not pumping endless money into inefficient business and not applying too many trade limitations or custom charges that might alienate trade partners. Do deals with the Japanese I say.

    If Vauxhall were being bought by a German brand I'd be much more confident of their survival than Peugeot! Maybe the French, with all their labour protecting work laws that massively limit workforce flexibility and efficiency fancy using cheaper (=more willing and less militant=probably Eastern European ) British employees. That might not be a good future plan.

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  9. I wouldn't pat yourself on the back just yet Wilf
    Nothing good has come my way out of this on a personal basis
    No pay rise
    More expensive travel
    To name but two
    And it hasn't even been a year yet
    What about you?
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  11. the usual remoaner stuff today I see.
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  12. You know how you got the Majority
    Now we will pay
    I bet you are self employed
    What benefits have you had so far ?
    None have you
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  13. You sound like President Tweet nipper!:)
  14. My concern is that Mayday and her ensemble of oddballs will now go under the radar after the 29th, maintain radio silence for the next two years and then pitch up at the eleventh hour with a 'deal' that benefits the corporate pigs in the city, but strips us rank and file of the benefits that the EU gives us, like employment rights and local improvement grants. Of course the UK government will safeguard the benefits of the landowners and countryside brigade so that farmers can continue to buy a new Landrover every year........
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  15. usual remoaner insults I see
  16. Ha ha
    I'm probably the worst sort of person
    You could wish for
    An anti Subaru pro European!
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    are you ok if people live in a small town? I live in the country and wonder what these benifits are you speak of, I get me bins emptied one a fortnight of what small amount is in them, we have no public funded anything, we have a village green which we all chipped in and bought between us and maintain ourselves, I think you might find its the urban people that benafit most from public funding. Im not a farmer.
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  18. Guess its retaliation for your constant remoaner jibes. Wouldnt get me reacting to them. Lol! What do the papers say (anything about inflation)
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  19. Don't you see the irony in this statement?
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  20. I'd guess from that description of your local public funding - that you live in area with a Conservative led local council, probably with a Conservative MP as well?

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