Brexit outcomes so far.

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  1. and lots of shouty brexiters that cant come to terms with what they have done.
  2. ha ha ... not got over it yet?
  3. don't worry you will!
  4. NO I WONT
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  5. The Eastern Roman Empire lasted until the 1490's in Trebizond.
  6. Central heating and microwave meals - that was the start of our fall.

    Daytime TV has accelerated it and Simon Cowell will create a boyband named after it......................
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    But they weren't your proper Eytie Romans were they, more your Greeks and Middle Eastern types. :D
  8. They were even arguing over on blunderpussies earlier ... everyone thinks their view is the right one ....
  9. Expect an announcement about rebuilding Hadrian's Wall when she gets back from her meeting with Trump on Friday.........and Scotland's going to pay for it.
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  10. Will they fall out and one of them form another other forum? :thinking:
  11. what were they arguing about .. what's the gossip
  12. @Dicky Question is it possible for us to remain and if that was possible would Europe allow it.
  13. Currently we are in, paying our dues and entitled to whatever it is were entitled to. (Millions have been lost on research, investment and collaboartive ventures because of the uncertainty, nay certainty we will leave. Our money is devalued and inflation on the rise imports are more expensive, exports are cheaper etc.)

    Were not actually in the process of leaving until article 50 is invoked and then after 2 years regardless of whether negotiations are concluded or not then were out unless the eu extends the time period.

    Thats my understanding of it!
  14. @Dicky As a Country we vote to say in or leave Europe. However we did not vote to leave the single market Question can the Goverment legally apply this?
  15. We voted to leave the EU. Its gonna happen. We were told what the outcomes might be. No free single market. Im resigned to it personally.
  16. ron


    ah but cause the pounds devalued we'll be paying into the EU more now but bet we ain't getting any more back to the farmers etc so when we stop paying the eu we'll have a greater budget to give to the farmers etc :thumbsup: :D
  17. @Dicky
    Its not going to end well is it.
  18. Its bewildering. I think that payments are fixed arent they so if we pay in in quids and get back in euros were quids in. Lol. Who knows. Its all a load of cock really and even though im a remainer the whole system needed a kick up the arse. Should have had an advisory refurendum to back up actually getting what we wanted with a period of negotiation from a position of strength and from the inside. We could have had a second vote had we not got what we wanted. dave tried to change things without any leverage. Also, from the inside we might have had some influence on those countries who are also disillusioned but who now have little choice but to stick together we get a rubbish deal and noones on our side. The knobbers that hot us in this position are still running the place. If i here Brexit means Brexit ine more time... Brexit means... we absolutely screwed up because we didnt believe how peed of our people were and we lied to them and played politics with the future of millions now and in the future. Wtf were these profesional politicians thinking. Ive stopped blaming Brexiters but i can see many arent happy and many still dont understand whats happ nd.
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  19. It might. Who knows!
  20. I think the time to campaign is before something happens ...

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