Brexit outcomes so far.

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  1. The labour party is like that bus on here last week, rotten at the edges and beyond, falling apart at the seams and a non runner, almost terminal going to take a lot of work to fix that :D
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  2. Scrap then ....are the seats any good
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  3. I think the SNP want their seats :rolleyes:
  4. 2 Questions on Brexit.
    If the Italians vote Beppo Grillo to leave the EU this year. If the French vote marine le pen and leave the EU this year and if Geert Wilders party in Holland vote to leave the EU this year........will we still have an EU to leave?

    And ..... if none of the above happens but e.g. the Italian banks (which are truly crap) along with most of the bigger EU ones like Deutsche bank go down with all their liabilities (theyve all been lending money left right and centre to anybody with a pulse)......if we're still in, will we have to bail them out So they can carry on business as usual? (meaning no pensions for UK pensioners etc, cuts cuts cuts like after 2008..)

    Genuine questions.
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  5. For the answer to the first question they may decide to leave the EU but that'll take years, just like it will us.

    It'll be a complete shambles but may end up in a sort of rump EU, centred around Germany - who knows?

    For the second I think that we're insulated directly as it's an European Central Bank issue.
    However, I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to stick some of the costs onto us.
    They may use money designated for other purposes which we contributed to for instance.
    I think that there would be some effect on the UK as Barclays etc would have loans etc. to these banks and might have to write them down/off

    I don't think that we would deliberately help them out although we did do this for Ireland in the 2008/9 Crisis as RBS etc. were involved.

    There's still Greece to trigger off things as well as the IMF seem to be playing hardball rather than rolling over for once.
  6. ron


    I think the Italian wants to ditch the euro not come out of the EU missis " the pen " wants a renegotiation to get more powers back to the French or else it's a referendum (sounds familiar ?)
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  9. The end of Vauxhall. They'll not be rebadging Renault vans for much longer in Luton and the Ryton plant will soon be building Astra's on floor pans shared with Peugeot 308/Citroen Cactus.

    That is, if it still makes sense to import all the parts from Opel in Europe, assemble them in the UK where labour is expensive, before exporting the finished cars back across the channel now we're not a single market any more.
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  10. The irony just keeps giving!
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  12. Classic innit.
    I've never worked in an industry where the bigger fish bought the smaller fish to make themselves even bigger fish by closing down the smaller fish & servicing the customer base from existing factories:rolleyes:
    I hope not but the cynic in me is struggling.
    By that rationale I wonder if we'd be any better off if we sold Scotland to France.
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  13. Does that mean France would shut Scotland down and move it to France :eek:
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  14. ;)
  15. McOrsica
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  16. The auld alliance
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  17. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    I can 100% guarantee they aren't building any vans in Ryton, it was demolished 10
    years ago and is a railway depot now...
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  18. I'm sure vehicle manufacturer recalls have increased significantly since assembly and production moved to Eastern Europe and Asia

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