Brexit outcomes so far.

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  1. Anything good happened yet? Cheer me up!
  2. Yes Sterling has dropped so I can buy parts cheaper (until I have to start paying duty) hope this cheers you up;)
  3. Why where are you based?
  4. In Southern Ireland. I'll not make any comment on what we think may happen as you want cheering up and there's been enough said already.:D
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  5. Well today we lost our triple A rating which means that Government borrowing costs more. That results in increasing the national debt which means it will take a little deeper austerity to pay the debt off at the same rate. It looks like we may need to bail out the banks as trading in two main banks wa suspended. Pound is at a 31 year low, loads of other shizzle i dont understand like 100bn wiped off ftse 100. Loads of stuff that doesnt sound great. I dont think any immigrants have gone home yet though lol! Despite a few hate crimes against them.

    Im sure its only early days and will get much much better. At least we dont have all them silly rules any more eh.
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  6. We buy a lot of BMW stuff from Moto Bins for our elderly R series bikes and I buy ALL my cycle stuff from Wiggles and Ribbles so I am trying to help you!VW stuff I mostly buy in Aust.
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  7. PIE


    Yes, a lot of Labour MPs have had raciel abuse shouted at them since the vote
    , apparently!
  8. Who is Rachel Abuse?
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  9. You know that 350 million or whatever it was. Have we got it back yet? Ive looked down the back of the sofa. Its not there.
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    thats the best i can do having come back from the pub after the football, had to laugh watching parliament today as some of the labour MPs came up with stories of how people had shouted at them to go home, and told these stories of how men had gone up to groups of children and told them they were taking their jobs, it was almost believable.
  11. Dont listen to those politician types, they clearly havent a clue what the frick they are doing.
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    whatever, let it go, it will eat you up.
  13. PIE


    A mate of mine got depression, the quack told him to stop watching the news and told him, if you can't as a person change something stop getting worked up over it.
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  14. She was in S club 7 I think
  15. We cant afford HS2 apparently. Like anyone cares. Bet we manage to find the cash for cross rail 2.
  16. It's extraordinary that as nothing is going to change for at least two years (if at all) so much has happened in two working days. I suspect it is the vermin from the banking and financial sectors plundering their ill gotten gains to stash away in an offshore tax haven. They don't live in the real world but their greed affects all of us.
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  17. Real businesses buy and sell currency as well for legitimate reasons. People are getting out of the £ to cover themselves from the incompetence of our politicians leaving us exposed to massive uncertainty. Don't start blaming speculators, it's the uncertain business environment that is causing the problems. But what do we have to do? Wait for the Tories to decide who's going to be the next leader, not actually do anything concrete about the problem. Lets all drift along like a rudderless ship for a few months while the posh boys sort out who's in charge. And yes, massive protest vote against the 'establishment' and what are going to end up with? One old Etonian replacing another old Etonian.
  18. The bottom line is that those who voted out regardless of their motivations have screwed the country up because of their small mindedness and stupidity. We will all suffer and none of them seem repentant, indeed many are still gloating that they won (won???) When they realise that it does effect them it will be someone else's fault. They were warned by a multitude of competent professional people what would happen but chose to believe an idiot on a bus and a buffoon with no credibility whatsoever.

    The electorate has spoken and we should live with it. Im afraid I don't want to as the winners were lied to and believed the lies.

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