Brexit outcomes so far.

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  1. Plenty of lies now being backtracked on, but what we all need is a clear vision of the way forward or we will be in trouble. The best way of avoiding recession is to get a framework in place as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this is taking second place to political manouevring inside both of the major parties.
  2. And I thought Jamie loved a bit of malarkey ... He's getting the same response as James Bond, Beckham and the other celebs that told the country what to do.

    I wish i had a quid for every time I had been called small minded and stupid. That's democracy and the remain camp never lied did they.
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  3. Its a view. The current situation has nothing to do with greed and everything to with a lack of confidence in UK PLC. for obvious reasons.
  4. Give me a list of remain lies and lets compare against what's actually happening.
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  5. ron


    Nothing is happening -the pound fell everybody agreed on that - no true out come will show until after the 2 year negotiations
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  6. what cave are you living in (lol). if that's all your aware of that's happened. the economy has been completely sabotaged by this decision. Have a quick trawl on tinterweb. were the laughing stock of all the developed nations!
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  7. You obviously know little if anything about economics or business.

    Companies like GSK, which mainly bill in dollars, have seen their share prices rise quite a bit as their UK £ profits will receive a significant boost.
    Rolls Royce, JLR etc will also see the benefit once their currency hedging expires.

    Why do you think China deliberately keeps its currency weak - it's to help exports

    The main casulties have been the banks but with the intention to move use towards a more manufacturing based society this is good news

    If you saw Mervyn King's comments, the previous BOE Governor, you might understand a bit more but a bit of reality might hinder your ranting
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  8. Last week I was told not to believe everything you read on the inter web LOL. This is all getting rather samey so I'm off for my lunch.
  9. Keep calm everyone. The pound has devalued a bit and the stock market has dropped a bit. So what. Its happened many times before. Back in the financial crash the stock market was down to about 3000, its now around 6000 so why the panic.

    Its a hiccup and the pound will strengthen and the stock market will rise again.

    We must stop moaning and panicking and focus on the future which will be great.

    Osborne is trying to scare people about tax increases and spending cuts. Osborne is useless and failed to force the rich and big business to pay their taxes like the rest of us.

    Cameron went to the EU to ask for changes but they treated him with contempt and sent him off with a flea in his ear. The EU spelled out their attitude to us, accept it as it is or leave. And that's what we have voted to do in a democratic referendum.

    Sure, the EU has been rocked by our decision, but they could have negotiated with Cameron, but they are bullies and wouldn't listen to him. So I don't have any sympathy with the EU politicians, serves them right.

    Listen to the news, the Germans are already threatening us about the terms of leaving. They still want to impose their terms on us even though we are leaving them.

    That's what the EU has become, a load of bullies.
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  10. As I said, on the news, pound is up, stock market is up.
  11. The answer is that we will know the result with 20:20 hindsight, as always. We won't know if we're getting a recession until it's underway and we won't know if jobs will be lost until they are actually lost. The only point is that the lack of action makes a recession / job losses more likely.
  12. That's funny, I think you mean less down rather than up.
  13. It's their club, we're not going to be in it any more. They can tell us what we can and cannot have when we leave and what it's going to cost. We just have to hope that their self interest gives us a decent deal, although the fact that all 27 countries have to agree to that deal doesn't fill me with hope.
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    The only thing I've noticed since brexit is this place has become a lot less fun and easier to not log into, if I want to discuss politics with absolutely no clue I'm going to mumsnet, otherwise let's talk vans?
  15. My doorbell poll has gone quiet.
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    Van Gaal. Van gogh. Van Halen. Van Nistlerooy, Van shoes, Van Morrison. Could you give me a clue about the van you are on about dear?
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  17. bludee ding dong that not british is it :D
  18. I've enjoyed this thread - glad to know I'm not alone in my sadness. Fraid it will affect us and our vans
  19. What's he famous for?


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