Brexit outcomes so far.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dicky, Jun 27, 2016.

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    Boris doesn't apply for leadership lol
  2. yellow snowed off people who wanted to Remain by lying, if PM he would have to backtrack on the lies and yellow snow off the people who voted Leave. Lose - lose situation making him unelectable. He clearly never intended to win the referendum!
  3. Seems a logical move to me. Done all the flannel and bluster to drive the campaign, it works so duck out of the firing line as there is nothing of substance in his rhetoric and let someone else have a rough ride as PM. When they lose popularity with the Party in a year or two then up he will pop as PM candidate by which time most will have forgotten his lack of substance during the referendum....:rolleyes:
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    I did say that.

    Toadies wanted out more than Brexit.
  5. Is this thread still going LOL
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    Just us hangers on.

    That have to read it. :(
  7. Hard to believe were where we are isn't it. If anyone were to comment that they were lied to and on the back of that they voted Brexit then I would sympathise with them. If they were to say they were told all the remain stuff was untrue and was project fear but now it seems it was true then I would sympathise with them. But none of it actually matters. We are where we are for whatever reasons so they will have to live with it, as will I.
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    Can you tell me how the result has effected you personally, Ill hazard a guess at not at all, These lies you speak of, what exactly are they?
  9. Im not going there mate. Im happy to capitulate.
  10. You should bear in mind that over 60% of TLB voters chose leave.
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    The situation has taken all the fight out of you, chin up Im sure it will get better xx
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  12. I did say the stock market would recover, 5pm news on radio 2 said it closed today at 6504, that's much higher than it was before the referendum vote. So there you go.
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  13. Yes, but it's taken days, Remain voters lives and futures are already completely ruined.
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    Are you being physically held captive and forced to read posts against your will?
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  17. Was there ever any plan for what would happen if the out campaign won?
    Doesn't sound like it to me but...
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  18. The plan bit is getting ****** boring now .... I've done a bit of asterisking so Top Popper can do a bit of modding ;)
  19. Quite so, it's Cameron and the conservatives that should have had this plan after all. They called the referendum and they are the government, not Boris, not Farage. They had the referendum purely to get in power after calculating that not to do so would lead to labour winning the election. That's how much they care about the UK and it's inhabitants. They don't. They just want power at any cost (to us- they'll be OK).
  20. Cluckin bell steve ..... We agree on something!
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