Been in tears last 2 days. Sent my van for a cheap spray job and it's come back damaged.

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  1. One person's idea of a shoddy paint job may be someone else's acceptable. I don't spray paint but many do on here and we have seen many a vehicle resto on tv where a new paint job is involved. Preparation before paint seems to be essential to get a good result and preparation would take a lot of time and money. We don't know what was agreed and the price, but if it was cheap I wouldn't expect a perfect result. I feel sure the sprayer would have pointed that out and we must not condemn him on here without knowing any of the facts. After all he is unable to present his side of events. So far we are doing all the posting and keep asking for pics and an update.
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    The OP has been back on.
    Maybe she doesn’t have any photos; who knows.
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    Erm....dunno if anyone's noticed but the price of the paint job and/or transport isn't hugely relevant to the amount of damage caused to the van, in fact any damage to the van.

    E.g. First class with grapes being fed to you, or cheap seats where it's you with goats and chickens on a don't to pay less or more for the plane not to crash in a flaming mess in to the floor.

    Cheap transport (which no one has established) should mean if maybe not being tracked online, the delivery driver not dressed in matching uniform, not a brand new beaver tail etc. A cheap paint job I'd expect some jaffa peel, maybe some overspray, they don't fill in dents etc.

    What the hell could have happened to snap a shock absorber?!

    Cheap/expensive the point is you don't expect any level of damage, leave alone that....that's actually the point no?
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  4. Re the damage, we are led to believe it was caused by the delivery and not the sprayer. Re the 'shoddy' paint job, that would be down to the sprayer. So I think we all agree there are two separate issues here with two separate service suppliers. Questions need to be asked of both of them and once the facts are established, the matter could be resolved.

    I don't see how aircraft travel has anything to do with all this.
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    Weird, it's plainly obvious to everyone else....
  6. Brilliant!:D
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  7. Point............missed
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  8. I’m so sorry to hear what happened to your bus and how it has affected you.
    I’d be gutted / upset / v cross if this happened to me.
    One of the (many) benefits of being a TLB member is the wealth of knowledge and experience that you can tap into.
    For example I’m in Surrey and know a very reputable vehicle mover - pro service - insured etc and he’s very reasonable.
    I also know some very reputable and trustworthy VW aircooled specialists - again local guys.
    Just ask the TLB collective - we love to give advice ;)
    Obviously I don’t know exactly where you’re located in Surrey but fitting shock absorbers and an exhaust system is in my skill set if it will help you get mobile again. Sadly I’m pretty crap at body repairs - but I know a guy (or two)
    Chin up - don’t give up on the bus.
    You’ll get there in the end.

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  9. I wonder if the winch cable was attache to the shock and when it went "ping" it removed the exhaust on the way past?
  10. Or drive shaft?
  11. Regardless of price, i've allways found the difference between a good service and a great service they rectify the problems that inevitably arise in any business, regardless of how proffesional the service provider claim to be, things do go wrong, sometimes more often than we would like :( now hurry up with those pics :D
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  12. To be honest to pull a van or car up does not actually take much effort, if it was attached to almost any part it would probably go on, cable or strap might wrap around the drive shaft ! As some of you know moving cars is my thing. If I am pulling a vehicle up, camper , car and I stand on the winch cable, the cable will go to the floor and the vehicle will move. That damage in my opinion has been done another way. Winch not hooked on correctly so vehicle has rolled off and hit something hard and low is my guess.
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  13. Yes looks like it's just snapped right off.

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  14. The dent has been sprayed over the top of so must have happened before paint job.

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  15. body repairs Fareham.

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  16. Thanks I didn't know that.

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  17. Yes other than a dodgy ignition barrel all was working as it should.

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  18. Thank you that's so kind.
    Just can't believe it, so near to going camping. Looks like it will be next year now.
    Just hoping there is no structural damage.

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  19. I have legal assistant with my house insurance and will call them tomorrow for advice.

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