Been in tears last 2 days. Sent my van for a cheap spray job and it's come back damaged.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by janerodger, Jan 13, 2019.

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    You can....Google reviews, yelp reviews, private messages.

    As mods how do we know you are a legit user, leave alone an actual customer of a company? Given some of the arseh0les we've had on here through the years, how can we tell if a reviewer was reasonable and portrayed actual events?

    Marry that with the site is supported by volunteers that have far better things to do than referee why you think paying £15 for a seal because it's grey should leave you with feelings of everlasting happiness over the black ones but it didn't.

    I'd nominate checking the credentials of any 3rd party thoroughly before engagement and have some knowledge on consumer rights.
  2. What bearing should cost have on a service??
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    Give them some disposable cameras to take photos of the action
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  4. As long as you have the van insured, then claim on your policy for the damage and get it fixed. It's up to the insurer to then recover their loss from whoever it is deemed to be at fault. If you are lucky you'll get your excess back if thy can get their loss recovered.
  5. Hmm....from now on, every time I buy stuff from tesco with the little yellow label of happiness on, I won't rest unless I get a kick in the slats, with my change!
    If it's a pound, or a thousand pounds, I expect decent service, at the very least.....sometimes accidents happen, even when you haven't been careless or negligent, but it's the way you deal with them that makes the difference between a cowboy, and good customer service, no?
    One (or most likely, both), of them know what happened.
    I'd go to the police, as someone has caused criminal damage/attempted fraud at the very least.
  6. Gather facts, pictures.

    Check if your insurance includes assistance with claims with garages for damage. The paint shop and movers should be insured.

    If you are a member of the AA or RAC check to see if they can help..
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  7. Consumer rights and potential to get any recompense are two different things. There is generally no point in wasting time pursuing a man of straw and often the expense of doing so outweighs any likely return.
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  8. Don't bother with the CAB, absolute waste of time. The only thing they will do is tell you to speak to a solicitor.
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  9. Sounds handy in theory, but should they then not be allowed an equal “right of reply” here? How do we ascertain what is and isn’t factual. While it’s good that folk who have had a bad time come on here, and are given support which is why it’s such a good community here, you have to bear in mind there are two sides to every story.
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  10. I think its a known risk that you often get what you don't pay for.....i.e. go for a cheap option, perhaps naively expecting a top job.

    Its when you don't get what you pay for that you should take action.

    Lots of trades are full of chancers nowadays, but they know that people are generally apathetic or reluctant to cause a scene., more likely go somewhere else to get the work redone. And there's little help available from Trading Standards or Citizens Advice nowadays as what little resources they have are overwhelmed.

    These circumstances seem, on face value, to be two separate chancers taking liberties, thinking you won't make a fuss.

    You need to make a fuss- either take family with you, or perhaps some willing volunteers from this forum?
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    Nowhere near enough detail for any meaningful help to be given.
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  12. cost has a bearing on everything ..

    if its a cheap respray , chances are costs have been cut , no or inadequate insurance , they probably aren`t paying tax , cheap materials ,cheap unskilled labour will be cheap for a reason

    same for the transport ...
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    With the snapped shock absorber and ripped off exhaust, I wonder if the recovery guy attempted to winch it on his truck / trailer backwards, not knowing where to attach the winch cable? :thinking: I would have thought that it would have written the bus off if it fell off the truck in motion.

    Let's have some pics.
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  14. I can't agree with you on this....if you discuss what you want and expect from the service, let's say respray, and the workshop tell you that they can provide a service that meets your expectations and give you a price that you agree with, who's to say if it's cheap or not?
    Another quote might be more or less dosh, but service is still service.
    If they smashed my van up and lied about it though, I'd probably hammer frozen sausages into their eyes!
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    I meant before you fall in to hole, to enable you to have a meaningful conversation with said 3rd party before they do anything.

    E.g. The existence of a contract mutually signed, a statement of works, mutually signed if one is required.
  16. Well said!
  17. If you are not insured then I guess you would have to get solicitor to write to both the bodyshop and the transport people opening a claim to recover your loss from them for the full amount (s'pose you have to decide on figure or get an assessment) each - they'll come up to some arrangement or just fold their business if cost is high- it's a civil matter so police won't get involved.
  18. The cheap respray is a separate matter - its rubbish cos it's cheap I would think.
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    Add some detail.
    If you don’t; we’ll just end up with 20 pages of guesses based on assumptions...,
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  20. Proffessor Plum in the Library with the candlestick :D
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