Been in tears last 2 days. Sent my van for a cheap spray job and it's come back damaged.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by janerodger, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Why would a painter paint a van with damaged panels?
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  2. Problem on this forum is we’re not allowed in case they take legal action against the forum
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  3. Not when you use Shipley
    Full of cowboys like the restoration world
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  4. You need to start a thread erm
  5. for what?
  6. It beggars belief what people do nowadays
  7. Your bus hun

    It’s obviously going to need some work this year
    By starting a thread warts and all we can stop you getting bent over and ducked over

    Do you have any other pics of the
    Repairs your welder did to the rooof?
  8. Unfortunately
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  9. Sorry to hear this , assume you paid upfront ? Did you have recommendation or did you know them ? It’s a difficult one I’d go citizens advice , first free port of call. Oh and as said get pictures of as much as you can , especial if you see any fresh scrapes under or on sides .
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  10. Moons

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    Agree, but then that's not just this forum, it's all forums.

    We aren't equipped to referee disputes if if we were allowed.
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    No they don’t, they should be but it doesn’t mean they are
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  12. Yes we have all been there ... world of VW specialists ... I gave up looking for a good one.
  13. no point, i'll put pics of stuff i do up but welding and stuff i won't be there for. i'll always ask on here for advice on an ad hoc basis :)
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  14. I named Absolute VW on here for the Marmitee they did on Major and the forum didn’t get sued. I got a message from them after mind, which, funnily enough went quiet after my response back!
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  15. We should be allowed to put up a honest factual review of companies,people and products we’ve used.
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  16. I think when people want something for nothing or a very cheap job it seldom works out positive . Generally you get what you pay for and a reputable company that’s been in business for years will see you ok . Cheap is always going to run a high risk
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  17. Got any pictures?
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  18. But there’s two separate issues here isn’t there? I see what you’re saying: anyone who offers cheap possibly isn’t the most reputable; although I’m not entirely sure that has to follow to be honest.
    Yes asking for a cheap respray and then wondering why it’s not brilliant is one thing, and as you say, you get what you pay for possibly.
    But the damage..... that’s a whole different subject, and cheap respray or not, you shouldn’t get back a vehicle that has been badly handled and actually physically damaged.
  19. If it was again a reputable transport company then again I don’t think the issues would arrise. If on the other hand it was the cheapest Shipley transport money could find ... pay peanuts etc ..
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  20. I think before the hanging party is sent out more info is required . Money spent , type of transport , cost of respray .

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